The Sundering 1603- 1621:

On the 21st of September 1603 a dissolute bunch of young Welsh Noblemen gathered in a tavern in Cardiff docks. They were led by the 23 year old Lord Llwelyn ap Madoc They were planning a rebellion to free the Welsh of a tyrannical reign of 200 years by the English. They agreed on a plan to rally the Welsh populace against the English and within 5 years they would be able to have a strong independent Wales. However the Rebels only had a handful of soldiers, possibly up to 200, they had no ships or cannon and only a few cavalry. It was decided that a Guerrilla war would be fought sporadically throughout the whole country, while secretly seeding doubt in the minds of the people.

Madoc organised a shipment of 600 African slaves as well as 150 Native American Mercenaries, to be delivered to the Rebels to the quiet Village of Port Myrion on the 17th of August 1604, after a year long Guerrilla war had been fought. The Slaves were paid with their Freedom and granted the right to bear arms. The 1000 or so militia marched on the town of Caewrnarfon raising the new Welsh Pennant above the town.

The English Monarch paid very little attention to the rebellion until riders came and told him that more than half the population of Wales had claimed that Madoc was their new prince. However there was little the English could achieve at that point. By the time the English had raised a sizable army the French had sent 20,000 troops to assist in Welsh independence. Four years of bloody war followed which robbed England of much of its wealth and left the nation bankrupt. The Welsh however had achieved Freedom and were now setting their sights on the Americas and indies.

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