Impireacht na Celtia
Empire of Celtia

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance
Preceded by 1287 - 1388
1648 - 1707
Succeeded by
NorseFlag NorseFlag
Flag of Nk's Netherlands 1
Flag of Celtia
Flag of Celtia
Empire of Celtia
Maximum extent of the Empire of Celtia
Maximum extent of the Empire of Celtia
Capital: Londain
Language: Celtic, English
Religion: Celtianism
Ethnic groups:
  other: Norse, Belgians
Type of government: Absolute monarchy
  High King: Declan (1287-1342)
Arthur (1342-1344)
Morgana (1344-1386)
Area: 1,000,000 km²
Population: 30,000,000 - 40,000,000 (estimate) 
The Empire of Celtia, often called just Celtia, also called Celtic Empire, was a Celtic empire that controlled the entirety of the British isles and large parts of Francia, Belgia, Germania and Scandinavia. In the past historians have frequently used the terms Britannia and Empire of Britannia to refer to the empire, but this is now seen as deprecated and archaic, in addition to incorrect.

On November 12 2016, the Parliament of the autonomous region of Celtia declared their nation independent from the Norse Empire, restoring Celtic sovereignty over the island of Britannia. The newly established United Republic of Celtia has since been recognized by the majority of the world's nations.