This timeline charts relevant previous historical events prior to the PoD and then everything afterwards for the Celestial Alliance timeline. Dates prior to the PoD are relevant as they may be used to explain current plot points.


June 1660 - Charles Stuart is crowned in Westminster Abbey, His Majesty, by the Grace of God, Charles the Second, of England, of Scotland, of Ireland, of France, King. Defender of the Faith. Supreme Head of the Church of England.

1661 - Charles II marries the Portuguese Princess, Catherine of Braganza soldifying the long standing alliance with the Kingdom of Portugal. Catherine's catholic faith causes concern that, 'popery by the back door is popery indeed.' Her faith would continually be a trial through his reign.

1661 - Charles II summons his first parliament in accordence with the Treaty of Breda which promised the English parliament that it would be consulted and worked with, rather than set aside as his father had done.

1662 - The Act of Uniformity compels Puritans to relinquish their beliefs and accept the Church of England doctrines, or to leave the church. This is the first religious act passed during Charles II's reign.

1662 - Charles II grants a charter to the Royal Society which would become the forefront of scientific study.

24th March 1663 - Charles II grants the lands known as Carolina in North America to eight nobles responsible for his restoriation, including his chief Minister, Edward Hyde.

8th July 1663 - King Charles grants a charter to Rhode Island guaranteeing religious freedom.

5th September 1664 - New Amsterdam comes under control of England, who later rename it, New York.

1665 - Second Anglo-Dutch war begins and London is struck by plague, killing an est. 68,000 people.

1665 - The 'Five-Mile Act' prevents nonconforming clergy to be within 5 miles of their parish towns.

2nd September 1666 - The Great Fire of London rages through the capital destroying 80% of the city including St. Paul's Church.

21st July 1667 - The Peace of breda concluded the Second Anglo-Dutch war.

1667 - The English and French sign the Anti-Dutch Accord.

28th May 1670 - The Secret Treaty of Dover was signed with help of Henrietta of England, Charles' sister who died soon after returning to France.

1671 - James, Duke of York converts to Catholicism and his wife, Anne Hyde, mother of his two daughters passes away.

1672 - The Third Anglo-Dutch war begins as a result of the Treaty of Dover.

1672 - King Charles II proclaims his Declaration of Indulgence granting religious tolerance to dissenting Protestants and Roman Catholics, this is overwhelmingly lampooned by the mainy Anglican parliament and is repeeled.

1673 - Parilament puts forward the Test Act which excludes Roman Catholics from holding office, bring into question the Duke of York's right to the throne, Charles is faced with a decision, to accept the intolerance of his Parliament, or stand up for his brother's right to succession.

1673 - Point of Divergence

1673 - Following the introduction of the Test Act, Charles takes the decision to send James, Duke of York, to Versailles, to the court of Louis XIV. His instructions are to remain at Versailles until the Third Anglo-Dutch war can come to a close and the safe conversion of Charles to catholicism can be carried out. This move is seen as the King moving away from loyalty to his brother, as he has imposed exile on the Duke of York.

Catherine of Braganza returns home to Portugal to visit her brother, King Alfonso VI of Portugal under the pretense that renewal of their alliance contract must take place. Catherine is in fact garnering support amongst the courts of Portugal and Spain for the English reconversion.

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