Cecily of York
Spouses Frederick II of Denmark

m. June 1550

Christian III of Denmark

Christina of Denmark
Anne of Denmark
Emma of Denmark
Cecilia of Denmark

House House of Tudor (by birth)

House of Oldenburg (by marriage)

Father Edmund Tudor, Duke of York
Mother Anne Boleyn
Born 7 September 1533
York Palace, England
Died 16 March 1580 (aged 46)
Religion Anglican

Cecily of York (7 September 1533 - 16 March 1580) was the youngest surviving daughter of Edmund Tudor and his second wife, Anne Boleyn. She had a younger sister, Anne, that died in infancy.

Early Life

Cecily was born at York Palace on 7 September 1533. It was thought that her mother would have no more children, as she was born four years after her elder sister, Emma. She was quickly followed by another sister, Anne, in 1534. By the time she was born it was established that her mother's daughters would be used for foreign alliances. Her uncle, Henry VIII had broke with Rome and needed Protestant allies to defeat Catholic threats. His secretary, Thomas Cromwell arranged for her to marry Frederick II of Denmark.

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