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List of Nations (Cecil's Society)


POD- After Cecil Rhodes' death on March 26, 1902, the Society of Rhodes is established. It slowly infiltrates British and German politics, but America, which is under a different political system, is harder to subvert.

June 4 1903- the US House Committee on Secret Societies is established to investigate subversion of the US government.


April 10, 1911- Britain switches allegiance to the Central powers. Russia gives out hundreds of reforms, and the government become less strict. As a result, the Russian Revolution does not occur.

June 28, 1914- Franz Ferdinand is killed in a terrorist attack.

July 3, 1914- Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.

July 19, 1914- Belgrade falls to Central Powers soldiers.


October 28, 1929- the Wall Street crash occurs.


Second POD

August 7, 1932- Mao dies in an accident. The communist movement falls apart. As a result, Chang Kai-Shek is in a stronger position to defeat Japan by 1940 (but still relies on American help).

July 1937 - After Japan attacks the Philippines, the USA joins the war on China's side.

July 1938 - While fleeing Stalin's purges, The Petrovs make their home in Alaska, with Stanislav born in Anchorage.

March 9 ,1939- Kyushu falls to Chinese and American soldiers.


June 4, 1940- Japan surrenders to American and Chinese troops.

March 7, 1949- a cold war begins between China/USA/Brazil/Colombia/Argentina (The Amerasian Alliance) and Britain/France/Russia/Germany/Austria-Hungary/Ottoman Empire (The Union of Empires).


August 8, 1951- Japan and Korea join the Amerasian Alliance.


October 13, 1965- China's GDP is equal to that of America and Britain.


July 7, 1975- China detonates a hydrogen bomb in Manchuria.


November 8, 1980- Stanislav Petrov, with Oliver North as his running mate, wins the US presidential election.

January 20, 1981- Petrov is sworn into office as the 38th President of the United States.

February 1, 1981- President Petrov's State of the Union asks Congress to allow a modernization programme for the US military.

March 8, 1985- President Petrov, with Chinese assistance, completes the space shield program, which can intercept any missile system.


November 4, 1992- Bill Clinton wins the US presidential election on a landslide against George H. W. Bush.

December 13, 1992- Japan is allowed to build up its military again in light of the UoE's brinksmanship, and the need for more men.

January 20, 1993- Bill Clinton is sworn in as the 40th President of the United States.

March 7, 1993- Chavez begins a coup (allegedly funded by drug cartels), and starts a war with Colombia. China, America, and Brazil send arms and supplies, which come in very useful.

May 4, 1994- Chavez is killed in Caracas by Colombian F-22 Raptors (given on loan by the USA). As a result, Colombia annexes all of Venezuela.

March 9, 1995- A German plane accidentally bombs a Brazilian aircraft carrier. The Global War breaks out.

Global war

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