Caucasus Region Crisis

Autumn 1971.75


Autumn 1971.75


Turkey, USSR, Caucasus Region


Flag of the Soviet UnionUSSR
Flag of GeorgiaGeorgian Rebels

Flag of TurkeyTurkey

Casualties and Losses



The Caucasus Region Crisis refers to an incident that occurred in 1971.

After the Soviet civil war has begun, military bases, and portions of whole regions were deserted by military personnel. The oil rich Caucasus Region of Russia was up for grabs, with Oil, and the naval harbors housing the Soviet Black Sea Fleet. Turkey took advantage of this and sent special forces to steal oil, and hijack the Soviet Black Sea Fleet. The result ended with six naval vessels, two Kilo-Class Submarines, and millions of barrels of oil getting stolen, and shipped back to Turkey by tilt-rotor helicopters and by sea. On the other hand the Georgian Rebels have destroyed a civilian oil shipment to Turkey; causing a conflict between the two nations. Rocket artillery units bombard the capital of Tbilisi. Strategic bombing campaigns by Turkish Air Force have destroyed multiple military bases in Georgia. Turkey has also had an air conflict with Georgia over a Turkish Airfield, with Turkey having a decisive victory. The USSR have found out about the stolen vessels, and threatened to invade Turkey. An agreement had to be signed, that stated that Turkey shall give back its stolen naval vessels, Turkey has to maintain neutral in this civil war, bombing of the Georgian, and Caucasus region has to stop, and the USSR and Turkey remain at Status Quo. With no other choice than war Turkey was forced to agree.