Catholic League
Timeline: War of Leagues
OTL equivalent: Catholic League
.  AD 476 - Present
[[File:  |100px |alt=|Coat of arms of Catholic League (War of Leagues)]]
One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church to everyone
Deus Vult
[[File:  |250px |center |alt=|Location of Catholic League (War of Leagues)]]
(and largest city)
Other cities Ravenna, Paris, Vienna
Official languages Latin
Regional Languages Many languages
Demonym Catholics
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Theocratical Confederacy
 -  Pope Francis
 -  Presiding State Western Roman Empire
Legislature Roman Curia
 -  Upper house Pontifical Commission
 -  Lower house Confederate Council
 -  Partition of Roman Empire 395 AD 
 -  Western Roman Emperor persuades barbarians to be Catholics and form Western Christian Alliance (Also called "Miracle of God") 476 AD 
 -  East-West Schism 1054 AD 
 -  Total   km2 
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 -   2013 estimate   
Currency Catholicus

Catholic League is one of three leagues in Europe. Its traditional rivals are Orthodox League and Islamic League, and their ultimate goal is to put Orthodox League to be under Catholic League again (or mending great schism) and destroy Islamic League and Islamic faith. Due to Imperialism of Renaissance periods, League acquire many lands and became the strongest league. League is also called "league where sun never sets" of "Leagum Sine Fine."


At beginning, both Catholic League and Orthodox League was one.  However, the conflict between key nations (Western Roman Empire and Eastern Roman Empire) and chairs (Pope and Ecumenical Patriarch) caused Great Schism and made them rivals and weakened Orthodox League for Islamic League succeedly attacked the league during its conflict with Catholic League.  Catholic League first soared due to Western Roman Empire being attacked by barbaric tribes but with the high skilled missionaries, Western Barbarians became part of the Catholic League and loyal to Pope and Emperor at Rome.  Catholic League became stronger and spread its faith all around the globe while other Christian Leagues (Orthodox or Protestant) had to fight against their enemies (Islam or Vikings).

Member States

  • Western Roman Empire (Chair)
  • Frankish Kingdom
  • Visgothic Republic
  • Saxon Republic
  • Ostrogothic Kingdom
  • Thuringian Republic
  • Burgundian Republic
  • Lombaric Tribes
  • Vandalic Tribes
  • Frisian Kingdom
  • Teutonic Knights


"'Original'" 1. Between Nations, there are no wars. 2. Nations' forces, wealth and diplomacy unite under Pope. 3. United Forces of nations can only be moved with approval of Pope and the Confederate Council. 4. No Nation can hold or attack Rome. 5. Western Roman Empire is the presiding state of the council. 6. No head of state is higher then Western Roman Emperor even if themselves are appointed as Emperor of their own nation. 7. All newly gained territory is under direct control of the Papacy "'Supplements'" 8. When Pope declare Crusades, he can use united forces without limit. 9. Pope has no political influence on the nations of Confederation. Only the Confederate council can. 10. When a nation gets excommunicated, Confederates attack that nation no matter what the case is. 11. If seen a Protestant, the direct order is execution. 12. Teutonic Knight is a separate nation of the Confederacy. Teutonic Knights are the united forces of Confederation and can be only moved by Confederate Council unless stated otherwise.