Catherine of Aragon
Timeline: Tudor Line

Portrait of Catherine of Aragon

Queen Consort of England and Ireland
11 June 1509 – 12 July 1542

Predecessor Elizabeth of York
Successor Maria of Portugal

Queen Mother of England and Ireland
12 July 1542 - 29 January 1557

Predecessor Margaret Beaufort
Successor Maria of Portugal
Born 16 December 1485
Archbishop's Palace, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid
Died 29 January 1557
Greenwich Palace, London
King Henry VIII

Catherine of Aragon was born in Madrid on 16 December 1485 to Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile and was a sister to Joanna I of Spain. She and her husband had respect for each other but were not lovers as such. In 1534 Henry was maimed and in 1536 Prince Henry became regent. She survived Henry by 15 years and enjoyed the title of Queen Mother during the rule of her son and was on good turns with the new queen consort and her daughter-in-law Princess Maria of Portugal. However, she didn't approve of her son's scheming nature and after her death rumours of her assassination were heard all over the court. She and Henry were buried next to each other in Westminster Abbey.


She married Prince Arthur of England in 1501, but he died and she became a widow for seven years. She was then married to Arthur's brother and a new king Henry VIII. Two of their five children survived to adulthood:

  • Daughter (1510 - 1510)
  • Henry, Duke of Cornwall (1511 - 1511)
  • Son (1513 - 1513)
  • King Henry IX of England (1514 - 1573)
  • Queen Mary of France (1516 - 1561), married Francis II of France