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Catawissa Bottling Company is a small soda manufacturer in the Commonwealth of Susquehanna. They manufacture a variety of flavored sodas using natural flavors.


The company started in 1926 by Bruce and Suzanne Gregorowicz. The couple purchased an old creamery in Catawissa, Columbia County, and obtained a license from Pennsylvania to bottle soda. The company used cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener.

The company produced its own sodas user the label Big Ben's, and Moxie. It had a license to manufacture Moxie from 1945-1967, and reacquired one in 1978.

Post Doomsday

Immediately after Doomsday, with the loss of the entire market, and more pressing issues, the Gregorowicz family shuttered the facilities 'until more stable times are upon the region'.

The facilities retained the equipment as the windows were boarded up with thick timbers, and heavy chains prevented looting.


In 2009, after several years of discussion, a group of businessmen and the Gregorowicz family came to an agreement to reopen the facilities. The businessmen would own 45% of the production and 30% of the final product for sale, while the Gregorowicz family would retain majority ownership.

Much of the equipment was still intact, but all needed rewiring. The investors brought in electricians and the needed equipment and materials from North Pennsylvania.

On September 12th, 2009 the Catawissa Bottling Company reopened. The business had bought the former Allied Catawissa Apartments from the federal government in April of 2009, and moved equipment from the former location to its new one over the summer.

Present Day

The facility has switched from using cane sugar to using beet sugar which is grown in parts of the nation. It also has a small greenhouse to grow the plant Gentiana linearis used in Moxie.

The drinks are mainly sold within Susquehanna, State College, Reading, and Gettysburg but have appeared on the market in North Pennsylvania and Niagara Falls.

Recently, 200 bottles were shipped to Canada as a test run to see the success.

The facility bottles only 20 oz glass with returns. There is one bottling unit, one CO2 unit, a hand capping unit, and a hand labeling unit. They produce 500 bottles a day on average, and make about 150,000 bottles per year, with about 50,000 staying within the nation and the other 100,000 being exported.

All drinks are packaged in 20 oz glass bottles on site or purchased from North Pennsylvania.

Each bottle sells for $1.75 and returning the bottle gets 25¢ back.

Each year the company makes approximately $225,000 dollars, and of that about $120,000 is profits.

The main competition is Pepsi, Kola Grande, and to a smaller extent, Royal Crown Cola.


The company currently manufactures several different soft drinks all under the Big Ben's name, and three under the Moxie brand.

Big Ben's:

  • Blue Birch Beer
  • Ginger Ale
  • Grape Soda
  • Red Cherry Soda
  • Red Cream Soda
  • Root Beer


  • Moxie
  • Moxie Cherry Soda
  • Moxie Cream Soda

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