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The Catastrophe of 1583 was a major event in the history of the Mississippian Confederation that resulted in its ultimate collapse into a large number of smaller states.


Mississippia 1580

Pre-Catastrophe Map

The Catastrophe began with large and extremely great floods that destroyed large portions of Mississippian infrastructure along the Mississippia River. These huge floods were especially bad in the southern regions of the Mississippian Confederation, where Moundville and Natchez were located. Construction of a city at OTL New Orleans was entirely halted as a result of these floods.

Then disease spread rampantly throughout the nation. The most conservative of estimates put the death toll at tens of thounsands, while some say as many as ninety-thousand died in this year alone due to disease. The most notable death was that of Great Chief Zacharie.

The final stage of the Catastrophe was the dissolution of the Confederation. The death of Zacharie created massive ripples in the Confederation. First, the issue of who to succeed him became a minor problem. The closest relative was Zacharie's cousin, Yoskeha, the Chief of the Iroquois. Since he was unable to assume control right away, people began to break away left and right.

It was the méritekratos that allowed as much land to be spared under the absent House of Antinanco as was spared. By the end of the year, however, the Mississippian Confederation was dead and the nation of Illinikew replaced the official government of Mississippia.

Approximately a decade after the Catastrophe, even the nation of Illinikew fell into ruin, ending the long hegemony of Cahokia over the Mississippia River valley.

New emerged Native American states

1 - Iroquois
2 - Lenni Lenape (Delaware)
3 - Susquehanna
4 - Erie
5 - Wyandotte (Huron)
6 - Odishkwaagamiig (Nipissing)
7 - North Ojibwa

8 -
Post Mississippia Collapse labeled

Post-Catastrophe Map

Tionontati (Petun)

9 - Ottawa
10 - Attawandaron (Neutral)
11 - Bodewadmik (Potawatomi)
12 - Asakiwaki (Sauk)
13 - Meskwaki (Fox)
14 - Kiwigapawa (Kickapoo)
15 - Mascouten
16 - Twightwee (Miami)
17 - Shawanwa (Shawnee)
18 - Mamaceqtaw (Menominee)
19 - Ho-chunk (winnebego)
20 - Anishinabeg (Ojibwe)
21 - Gojijiwininiwag (Rainy Lake and River Bands of Saulteaux)
22 - Santee Dakota (Sioux)
23 - Cahokia (Mississippia)
24 - Tsoyaha (Yuchi)
25 - Ani'yunwi'ya (Cherokee)
26 - Mvskoke Etvlwv (Creek)
27 - Yamasee
28 - Thimogna (Timucna)
29 - Mikasuki (Seminole)
30 - Apalachee
31 - Chatot
32 - Pensacola
33 - Taneks-haya (Biloxi)
34 - Acolapissa
35 - Houma
36 - Chitimach
37 - Bayogoulaa
38 - Natchez
39 - Yoron (Tunica)
40 - Chahta (Choctaw)
41 - Albaamaha
42 - Koasati (Coushatta)
43 - Chickasha (Chickasaw)
44 - Ugakhpa (Quapaw)
45 - Kadawdaachuh (Caddo)
46 - Kiowa
47 - Niukonska (Osage)
48 - Illini
49 - Neutache (Missouria)
50 - Otoe
51 - East Swampy Cree
52 - Moose Cree
53 - Eastern Cree
54 - L'Nu
The full list on the talk page when this event happened is found here.


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