PoD: Franz Ferdinand is not shot in Sarajevo leading to no WWI in 1914, for the fact WWI is delayed for a new problem to start the worlds troubles, Alsace-Lorraine and France's Vengeance.


Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria - b&w

Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand

While touring through Sarajevo, Archduke Franz Ferdinand escapes several assassination attempts and flees back to Austria. In August Austria declares a state of martial law in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Black Hand is quickly routed out and destroyed. A month after the destruction of the Black Hand several Serbian generals shoot themselves for unknown reasons.



Captured Russian soldiers after the Warsaw Revolt

Poland begins to revolt against Russia. The Russians try to put down the revolt but only fail. The Poles then start waging a guerrilla war against the Russians. Secretly Vladimir Lenin sneaks into Russia. The Bolsheviks start gaining power. The Polish Revolution starts when Russian soldiers fire upon crowds in Warsaw. Several million Russian soldiers are sent to Poland.



Bulgarian soldiers pose for a picture outside Skopje during the breaking up of Serbia

Independence movements arise in the Baltic States, Ukraine and Finland. In Austria-Hungary, Franz Joseph dies and is replaced by Archduke Ferdinand. The Serbian economy collapses. In Russia mass slaughters are reported by Russian soldiers. The Poles form a military style army with captured rifles, machine guns and cannons and begin a military campaign against Russia. In the Balkans Serbia is annexed into the Austrian and Bulgarian empires. The Russians ask for military assistance from Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm decides not to send in troops fear of outcry against war at home.


In St. Petersburg, rioters and mutinying soldiers storm the winter palace and force the Czar out. Britain accepts Nicholas II without sparking riots in England. In Russia, Aleksandr Kerensky is elected prime minister of Russia. Immediately, Kerensky gives Poland, the Baltic States and Finland independence. Russia can no longer leave its alliance with France.


In the Balkans, Austrian Emperor Ferdinand creates a new tri-state empire between Austria, Hungary and the new Austrian puppet state called the Pan-Slavic Federation. The Austro-Hungarian-Slavian Empire. In France General Foch takes over the government and promises to return Alsace-Lorraine to France.


France launches Plan XVII and invades Germany. The Great War begins. German forces mount a defense which causes considerable French casualties. France pushes into German territory beyond Alsace. Britain, meanwhile, stands by on the sidelines. Germany begins a naval blockade of France. Germany asks for Britain to allow German ships in its territorial waters. England refuses. The Christmas Truce is declared between the Germans and French.


Germany launches attacks on Belgium and the Netherlands with the Schleifen Plan. Britain declares war on Germany. British ships arrive in time to evacuate Rotterdam from Germany. Italy declares war on France and moves into Southern France. German forces in Belgium are stopped on the Meuse River. Though Brussels is occupied, Belgium is not. All sides adopt helmets, the Italians used captured French Adrian's and America would ironically adopt the Brodie. In Africa Egyptian forces invade Libya while Ethiopian troops invade Italian Somaliland. In America the USA annexes Mexico. Anti-American sentiment arises across Latin America. Japan, meanwhile, decides it's in their best interest to side with Germany. Almost immediately Japanese soldiers invade Indochina and Malaya. Australia and New Zealand declare war on Japan.


Anglo-Franco-Hollander-Belgian defenses hold in Europe. The Schleifen Plan has failed. On the front trench warfare has stalemated the two sides in lines of trenches stretching from Preisland in the Netherlands to Paca in Southern France. With pressure from France and promises of plunder by Britain, Spain and Portugal join the war. The Entente begins to push back Germany. Britain falls under the control of William Wallace. Wallace wants the destruction of America. The British convince the Russians to send their fleets to the Pacific.


Canada bombards Boston and New York. The US declares war on the Entente. All of Latin America declares war on America. The US rushes its soldiers to their respective positions. Russo-Canadian troops push into New York. Latin America unites into the new nation of Pan-Latina. Latino forces move in American Mexico. Britain now decides to avenge the English defeat in the Hundred Years War. British attack French positions on the Front. France negotiates a truce with Germany. Germany declares war on Russia. Austria declares war on Russia. Poland declares war on Russia. Russo-Canadian troops invade Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. In Quebec, Commonwealth forces massacre protesters and Canada outlaws the French language. This causes France to end the war against Germany and fight against Britain. The Americans field has weapons against Russian soldiers in Seattle causing devastating effects. America's very existence is threatened. In Russia Leon Trotsky with the Bolsheviks overthrows Kerensky. Russia switched sides. Rebel officers kill their Generals and flee to the US lines. The Russo-American army liberates most US west coast territories and join John Pershing in the Latina campaign.


Russia invades India. British forces are locked elsewhere in the world and against Japan which means India is left for the Russians. Franco-Russo-German bombers start to hit Britain. Japan attacks Russian positions in Manchuria. In America any hopes of Entente victory wanes. In Saskatchewan Canada, rebels take up arms. Meanwhile, the British sail up the Potomac and bombard Washington DC. The Russo-American forces start a campaign to liberate the Northeast USA. Britain fields conscripts from the two new puppet nations they have set up: Empire with New York as its capital and New England with Boston as its capital. The new offensive is also reinforced with Franco-German troops shipped to America. Down south, Central Powers forces move into Columbia. Panama is admitted to the Union as a full state. The US waits for new weapons before launching the Northeast offensive.


The USA unveils the tank. The Central Powers quickly come up with new designs and ship them to America. The Russo-American forces launch attacks into the Canadian Rockies. Both sides use mountain warfare tactics met with some statist amounts of casualties by machine guns, small pack cannons and simple accidents. And with the Russians and Americans speaking different languages the Central Powers forces were horribly confused. The Northeast Offensive is launched. The British and their allies fall back mounting small rear guard defenses. In South America the Central Powers advance slows as the terrain turns against them. In Latina, General Fernando Puerto launches a military coup against the Latino government. The Junta Party takes control of Latina and begins raging a guerrilla war against the Central Powers. In Ottawa the Canadian government is toppled by rebels. Canada surrenders and joins the central powers. In Britain Wallace is toppled in a coup by Winston Churchill, after that Britain surrenders.

Treaty of London

Britain loses some colonies in Africa to Germany and Italy.
Canada becomes a permanent US ally while Quebec is given independence.
The Monroe doctrine will officially apply to the US protection of the Americas.
Japan to receive all of Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands.
France annexes Alsace-Lorraine to prevent any future Franco-German Wars.
The Netherlands and Belgium become German protectorates.


The European Central Powers withdraw all military forces from America. Britain, France, and the Netherlands hand over all Caribbean islands to US protection. Emperor Ferdinand of Austria dies. Hungary stages a revolution. Slavic soldiers move into Bosnia. The Austrian government falls apart as Queen Sophie flees to Pan-Slavic Federation. Germany occupies all German speaking territory.

Treaty of Vienna

All former minorities are to be returned to national rule.
Hungary, Bohemia, Bosnia, and Slovakia are given independence.
Germany annexes Austria and the Sudetenland.
The Pan-Slavic Federation is to annex all Slavic regions. The new nation of Yugoslavia is formed.

US troops push into the Amazon.


Latino and American navy's duke in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Due to this, the US buys 20 German submarine's and build the worlds first aircraft carrier, the USS Langley. In Asia Japan is angry by its sudden ending of the war. In the Imperial Senate, people say if Russia had joined the other side Japan could have gotten huge gains of Siberia. It is decoded to start an expansionist campaign. Japan invades Manchuria and reinstalling the old Chinese King. Japan also invades Mongolia turning it into another puppet state with pledges of soldiers and food. In Europe Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, and Britain (forced) enter an economic and military alliance called the European Community. It is planned that by 1965 the EC will unite and form the European Commonwealth.


Japan invades China from all directions. US bombers begin pounding the Latin capital of Montevideo. The USA also pushes down the Brazilian coast. America pledges to defeat Pan-Latina no matter that cost and absorb it into the Union. The Japanese by winter conquer Nanjing.


American engineer Howard Hughes reveals the worlds first flying aircraft carrier. The airship race begins. US planes now strike deep into Pan-Latina's war industry. Meanwhile, the USA secures all of Brazil and moves into Paraguay and Chile. Russia begins to build up its armies in Siberia. In Latina riots begin in Montevideo forcing General Puerto to flee to Santiago. He is later killed in a bomber raid. After his death Latina surrenders to the USA and is made into a series commonwealths by America. John Pershing acting President gives a speech. In it he says, "America has become the greatest empire in the world. It stretches from the Alaska to Argentina. America with endless resources and territory must be able to take on any nation that threatens our freedom".


Bosnian Muslims rise up against the government of Yugoslavia. Several Yugoslav soldiers are killed. This causes Yugoslavia to declare martial law in Bosnia. The Germans, Hungarians and Italians move into Yugoslavia and annex claimed regions. In the US John Pershing is re-elected President. The British economy collapses. Indian severs its ties from Britain. Fearing Japanese invasion New Zealand becomes a US commonwealth. The USA and Russia begin a general mobilization.


The Japanese situation in China worsens as Japanese soldiers report fighting Chinese armed with Russian and American guns. The Japanese begin to use nerve gas for the first time in history. Russia then stops sending arms to China because Trotsky is assassinated. Seeing Muslims being oppressed by a European nation the Ottoman Empire invades Yugoslavia. The Third Balkan War begins. The Ottomans quickly overwhelm Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia. German forces enter Yugoslavia. Italy is forced into the war after Ottoman ships shell Tobruk and Tripoli. Italiano-Yugoslav ships win the battle of the Mediterranean. Russia commits to the war by sending arms and ships them to the Yugoslavs. Hungarian soldiers enter Serbia. Ottoman troops enter Serbia. A military coup brings down the Socialist government of Russia. Symbols of the Bolshevik Party are removed and the Federal Kingdom of Russia is declared by White Russians. China begins pushing back Japan. Meanwhile, Inner Mongolians take control of Mongolia itself.


Japan retreats out of China and into Manchuria. In Russia the government is reformed Vladimir Kappel is elected Prime Minister of the FKR. The Duma is divided between two parties, the Socialist Party made of more liberal remnants of the Bolshevik Party and the Republican Party, a more conservative group of Russia. Japan and China make peace with Japan retreating to its previous borders. China falls into civil war. An Inner Mongolian leader declares himself the Supreme Khan and wants to recreate the Mongol Empire. In Spring the Mongolian Wars begin with the Mongol invasion of the Kingdom of Manchuria. With China in chaos and Japan recovering from the five years slogging through China, Russia declares war on the Ottoman Empire. Persia declares war on Russia. Britain declares war on Persia to secure its oil interests. Indian soldiers move into Persia. The Central Powers stem the Ottoman tide pushing them back into Macedonia and Bulgaria. However, the Ottomans got far enough to Bosnia to evacuate most Muslims. Britain fields the first combat-ready airships against the Persians in the battle of Bam.


Persia surrenders after the Russian capture of Tehran. Russian airships bombard Istanbul. The Sultan moves to a temporary capital in Aleppo. Italian forces land in Albania. A workers movement called The Young Kurds begin to fight a guerrilla war in Kurdistan and Armenia. The battle of Van, the Principality of Armenia is formed by Russia. Russian troops move into Kurdistan. Mongolia captures Harbin, Manchurian leadership flees to Anshan. In Winter Greece is liberated by Italy. The Ottomans move for a defensive position around Thrace. Russia spreads Orthodox Christianity among its occupied territories. The Ottomans raid a German section of the line and capture several Jewish battalions. The commanders kill all the soldiers. In response the Central Powers raid Mecca from Italian Somaliland. Russian troops capture Baghdad.


A Yugoslav regiment breaks through the line and enters Istanbul. The Central Powers then break through the Thrace Line and invade Asia Minor. An Italian invasion of Arabia is launched using Somaliland as a spring board. Several Jewish rebellions spark up in Palestine. British forces secure Palestine and create Israel. The Sultan is killed by rebels under Russian leadership. The Ottoman Empire surrenders.

Treaty of Istanbul

Istanbul is to be renamed Constantinople.
The Ottoman Empire is reduced to territories that include Syria, Lebanon and all of natural Turkish Asia Minor.
Arabia though not officially part of the war is to retrieve the Ottoman's Red Sea territory.
The Republic of Kurdistan is set up with Eastern Asia Minor and Northern Iraq and Syria part of the new nation.
Yugoslavia, a failed "experiment", is to be dismantled. Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia (with Bosnia), and Albania are to be independent once again.

In America Franklin Roosevelt is elected President. Mongolia invades the anarchistic remnants of China. China has been split into several competing countries. The New Qin Empire controls Central China, the Federation of Han controls the Southeast part, the Russian Duchy of Uyghur controls Xinjiang and the Mongolians to the north.


Japan invades the Dutch East Indies. Japan then uses the East Indies as spring board to attack Indochina and Australia. America declares war on Japan. Japanese planes and airships destroy the US Pacific Fleet in Manila Bay. Mongolia and Japan sign a non-aggression pact. The US begins to ferry soldiers to Australia. The Mongols capture Tsingtao bringing Germany into conflict with Japan and Mongolia. Though being a regional superpower, Russia remains neutral for now. Prime Minister Kappel plans to build up his Siberian divisions with troops from the west and the Russian duchy's spread across Asia. Britain grants India independence after a failed last stand in the Indian Ocean. The Mongol Empires advance is halted outside Xi'an. The New Qin Empire begins massive offensive to push back the Mongols and fight the American backed Han's. For now the Federation of Han had been at war with New Qin, but after a devastating airship raid by the Mongols of the Han capital of Shang Hi brings peace between Han and Qin.


Japan lands soldiers in Anchorage, Alaska and Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia. Allies of America and Australia declare war on Japan. Siam, Burma and India, though not truly threatened still don't wish to be conquered by Japan. Quebec and Canada are forced into the war since they a technically American "protectorates". This spikes riots in both nations which see Britain and France as better nations than the giant continent spanning USA. Mongolia launches pre-emptive airstrikes on Tibet and India. Japan expands rapidly quickly conquering much of Southeast Asia.


The war in Alaska quickly turns against Japan as they lose nearly 3000 men to cold, starvation, attacks by local wildlife, militias, and the US-Canadian-Quebecois armies. A new type of tank is unveiled by German. Called the mobile bunker these new super tanks with warship size cannons can ripe huge gaps in an enemy's trench line. The Australians and Germans use a new mobile bunker against Japan in the battle of Falls Creek. Japan's Australian conquest force is completely demoralized after an entire division of lightly armored to Japanese tanks were destroyed. The Central Powers forces use poison gas against Japanese forces in Australia. America refuses the use of gas in Alaska as not to kill any wildlife in the near untouched wilderness of the state. Japanese forces in Alaska are stopped. The US navy wins several battles against Japan in the Gulf of Alaska. Japanese forces are cut off. Japanese soldiers in Australia are driven out. Central Powers forces plan for a liberation of Indonesia and the Philippines.


Quebecois soldiers land outside Anchorage as a huge American offensive pushes into occupied Fairbanks. The US fields the Eagle Eye class airship. The US then drops gas bombs onto Japan. The Central Powers launch an island hoping campaign against Japan. Sensing weakness Mongolia begins to build up forces on the Japanese border. The Supreme Khan flies to the front in his person airship. It crashes in a huge fireball making Russia believe Mongolia is attacking. Russia's armies pour into the New Mongol Empire. Japan is attacked by Mongolia. Russian forces bomb Pusan and destroy the Japanese evacuation fleet. With no hope left Japan surrenders.


In Europe France exits the European Community. Britain follows suit. Italy's economy collapses allowing King Emmanuel to dictatorial powers. Italy exits. Most European nations begin rearming. Britain sends its armies across the world.


USA, Canada, Quebec, and Japan declare neutrality from any European war. Russia defeats the Mongols and Annexes Mongolia and Manchuria. France annexes Southern Belgium and French speaking parts of Switzerland. Monaco is invaded by France. The Entente is reformed. Britain sends the BEF to France and the Ottoman Empire.


German invasion of Holland and Flanders. Both sides use trench warfare to great effect. Eventually after the battle of Reims the Central Powers and Entente are stalemated on the Western Front. British airship fly across Central Asia providing Russia with supply's. Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, and Hungary join the Central Powers. The Ottoman Empire joins the Entente. Entente armies wreck the German colonies in Africa and the Pacific. Russia at the last moment joins the Entente hoping to take back Poland and the Baltic states.


The Central Powers conquer the west coast of the Ottoman Empire. Central Powers units stomp across Russia after the battle of Vilnius. America is divided on which side to join. The Ottomans fall apart as Kurdish insurgents plague the Entente armies. German soldiers capture Belgium and Holland. Entente lines hold against any German advances into Alsace-Lorraine. Entente forces stop the Germans on the Meuse River.


Central Powers forces enter Syria. German uses missile technology to great effect against tanks and aircraft. Russia is pushed ever back by German mobile bunkers. German forces break through on the Western Front. The battle of the Marne is a bloodbath. German heavy missiles hit Paris. Eiffel Tower collapsed after being hit.


Moscow and Petrograd are captured, Russian government moves to Chelyabinsk. German forces attack into the Caucasus. German airships and land forces decimate Entente forces in Northern France. Spain joins the war fearing a German invasion to get to Portugal. Germany takes Paris. Entente collapse on the Western Front. Italy joins the war on the Central Powers side after enough decision. Italy then invades Corsica and sends troops to the Middle East. Entente forces begin setting up defensive positions in the Pyrenees. The Entente governments meet Madrid. It is decided to unite Europe into one country. For now the nation would be a propaganda name, the Free European Federation. It would be decided that hardcore British prime minister Winston Churchill would be the first president of the FEF and the capital will be in London.



British soldiers rest during the retreat to Spain, France was virtually turned into a wasteland by the two sides

Italy invades France and captures Monaco and Marseilles. German forces secure the north of the country and push General Wavell's BEF army back into the sea. Italy annexes Albania. Germany takes the time to invade Scandinavia. British and Commonwealth soldiers are rushed to Norway and Sweden. Within a month Germany occupies Stockholm. The retreat to Spain is a success. German troops reach the Urals. German forces lay siege to Russia, not wishing to overrun their supply lines. Central Powers forces capture Palestine and Iraq. FEF situation in the Middle East deteriorates. The Entente begins fortifying Norway as Sweden falls. Germany halts all offensive moves for the winter giving more preparation for the Entente.


The Central Powers easily conquered Arabia. Yet Britain secretly said to Portugal that it would allow Portugal control of Iberia in exchange for its colonies. The FEF outraged makes General Charles de Gaulle as president. Britain is expelled from the FEF. This causes Germany to launch several precise strategic bombing raids of Spanish and Portuguese cities. The Pro-German Sultan of the Turk Caliphate (a central powers puppet states of the former Ottoman Empire) tells the Central Powers high command in Vienna that he can no longer control his country. Pro-Entente rebels control much of the countryside. It is decided to break up he Ottoman Empire. Greece gets the west coast, Bulgaria gets Thrace and Italy gets the rest. Spain falls into civil war between pro-Entente and pro-Central Powers forces. Portugal invades Spain on a long march to Madrid. German and Italian forces pummel the Entente front line.


A German-Italian offensive pushes into Northern Spain. The Central Powers get as far as Guernica and Barcelona. Airships couldn't provide effective support due to the rugged terrain. German-Italian armies push into France. Using new anti-tank weapons and heavy weapons the FEF launch an attack towards Marseilles. The Entente Air Force manages to keep the sky's clear of German airships as Portuguese and British forces advance on Lyons. The FEF lands forces in Sicily and Sardinia, once again using the terrain and the FEFs naval superiority against Central Powers airships. Indian and ANZAC forces move into into Iraq. Russian airstrikes in Poland and Ukraine hamper Germany's war effort. The FEF focus their main forces on retaking France while holding its Mediterranean territories.


FEF advance in France continues with major success. Portugal after taking Madrid decides to annex Spain but leave Basque and Catalonia independent in exchange for joining the war against the Central Powers. An Italian attack near Monaco shocks Entente leaders as they sustained heavy casualties due to Italian aircraft. French troops re-enforces Entente positions along with Catalonian and Basque soldiers. To counter the threat of aircraft, the FEF begins researching new infantry anti-aircraft weapons. For now a shoulder mounted mortar with shrapnel shells is the best weapon. Germany begins research for new aircraft that are faster than the old mono-wing aircraft from the late 30s and early 40s. The FEF abandons Scandinavia for Germany. The British army is redirected to new offensives in Iraq and Kurdistan. Free Ottoman soldiers take Kut. The FEF invades Yemen. Central Power armies are too spread out and pull out of Arabia. The Entente sets up the New Arabian Caliphate.


The Entente drives deep into Syria and France. The Anglo-Portuguese armies prepare to take Paris but are thwarted when new German Sturmwolke-111 airships demolish their front line positions. The Entente have created new anti-airship technology and are ready to use it. Modeled after German rockets, these "Euro-loaf" multi-rocket launchers are the Ententes best hope at bringing down an airship. The British design an airship that can use the guns of a battleship while launching aircraft. The Italians try to take Sicily back from the Entente. It fails horribly as French airships prevented the landings. Italy then decides to bombard the island into submission. An Entente drive pushes into Anatolia. Russia launches trench raids against lightly defended German positions in the Urals. Germany decides to use Swedish and Finish troops to hold the Ural front. The first Ukrainian troops arrive in Anatolia. The FEF drives their troops to Milan. Rome is heavily bombed by the FEF. Central Powers soldiers morale in the east begins to decrease after Russian raids start becoming ever more bloody. Unknown to the occupied people's, Germany has big plans for the east.


On New Year's Day Germany annexed Poland. After 32 years of independence Poland has been swallowed by another country. The international community protests the action as an act of territorial greed. Germany then declares new duchy's in Western Russia. The Kingdoms of New Novgorod and Ukraine were placed under German kings. The Entente launches new offensives into the Caucasus determined to liberate Russia. The Entente invades Anatolia. The Ottoman Empire reasserts itself in Damascus. The Entente invades Corsica and liberates it. The FEF launch an invasion of Italy. German forces are tied up elsewhere allowing Italy to fall to the Entente. China is finally unified under Mongolia. The Mongols invade Persia. The Entente declares war on Mongolia. Civil war sparks in India over independence. Australian and South African troops only spark more insurrection. It is decided to secede an area around Kashmir and Pakistan as the new nation of Free India. Japan launches an invasion of French Indochina and Siam. Japan is determined to take India. The US begins sending aid to the Entente.


Rome is captured, Italy switches sides. Entente and Slavic troops battle at the Isonzo River. New Entente offensive into France. German forces lay waste to the city of Paris. The air battle is destructive as entire airships crash into the city. Germany develops jet propelled aircraft. The German Air Force says it will not have 1000 active planes until 1952 due to the complex nature of the motor. Entente Generals promise to bring the troops home by Christmas. Russia after a decade of war collapses. Mongolia quickly swallows the country. The Germans launch a massive air raid on London. Thousands of bombers and hundreds of airships bombard the city. The king and queen are killed and most important places are bombed to rubble. Both sides begin research for a new super bomb that can destroy whole cities. German and Dutch forces rally and attack into France retaking Paris and driving the Entente back with their mighty air force. India is granted independence and attacks into Mongol occupied Persia. The Mongolian armies in the Middle East are cut off and destroyed. Japan attacks Mongolia. Entente forces break it of the Caucasus. Entente armies head towards Bismarkberg (formerly Kresenskygrad). However, Mongol air force fighters hamper the operation. The Central Powers offensive in France continues into winter.


The Entente offensive in Southern Russia batters the Hungarian and Ukrainian units stationed with battle hardened German forces are caught off guard. The British land in Calais and Normandy on June 6th, 1951. The Entente drive deeper into Russia reaching Bismarkberg by August. The city is easily taken after a pincer maneuver. FFL marines capture Crete from Greece.


Entente forces push into Ukraine. Entente forces invade Central Asia which is occupied by Mongolia. This campaign is short lived as Japan conquers old Mongolia. Japan annexes Manchuria. From the chaos of Asia has new nations form. The Muslims of Central Asia unite to form Islamistan. China has been divided by Han and the New Khmer Empire. The Federal Kingdom of Siberia dominated the north and Japan owns Manchuria, Korea, Sakhalin, and Formosa. The FKS pledges its allegiance to the Entente and declares war on Germany. The FEF marched towards Moscow. In November FEF and FKS soldiers meet in Red Square in celebration. The New York Times predicts the wars end by 1955 if the FEF doesn't overstretch its armies with fighting in Russia, France, Italy, and Turkey.


The Siberians launch a massive offensive in winter aimed at recapturing Archangel. Entente forces counter attack in France and push into Trieste, Italy. The Germans use the strategic Crimean Peninsula to stage massive raids on Entente positions in Ukraine and Russia. The Entente invades Greece from Ottoman territory. Greco-Bulgarian units manage to put up a great defense against the FEF. The German army pushes the British out of Calais. The Portuguese and British meet up outside Bordeaux.


German offensives open up on the western front. The Entente officers respond with a fierce counter attack. Both sides obliterate each other's trenches with airships. Germany deploys hundreds of mobile bunkers on both fronts. Kresenskygrad is recaptured along with Moscow. The German navy raids Scapa Flow destroying much of the British navy. In the USA, a new type of music evolves from black rythem'n Blues. The new German offensives set back the war for another five years. FEF offensives in Italy pay off, Croatia is captured and Entente troops enter Hungary and German Austria. Germany uses Bohemian and Slovakian troops to hold the Austrian front. Germany continues its drive in the east.


Vienna is captured, the German leadership purges the Central Power armies. Hungarian armies move into Entente occupied territory. Germany, however, forces the Entente to evacuate Vienna by almost encircling the whole Entente army. In the East German troops once again reach the Caucasus. Support for the war in Britain and Europe's colonies begins to wane. Protests begin in most major colonial cities demanding equal representation. Britain in response passes the London Stature forming the Imperial Commonwealth of Britain. This essentially unites most of the British empire into one country. The flag is changed from a Union Jack to a red lion head in a white circle surrounded by a dark blue background. Major British provinces are Rhodesia, South Africa, Britannia, Atlantica, and Australasia. German planes continually harass British airships supplying Russia. The Entente begins researching its own jet fighters. America starts its "turbo" project aimed at creating their first jet.


German forces reach the Urals. Siberia orders an immediate counterattack. The British launch massive bombing raids on Berlin almost killing the Kaiser. FEF forces in Croatia push into Bosnia. Siberia pushes heavily in Spring eventually reaching Karelia and Moscow. The Germans develops new tanks like the Cougar to counter Siberian T-24 medium tanks. Entente battleships bombard Salonica. A landing then takes place with over 10,000 men being killed on both sides.


The Entente reveal new jets and launch a massive offensive in France Paris is recaptured by the Entente. The Entente surround Greece and force it to surrender. A Siberian offensive into Finland succeeds. Petrograd is liberated. The German launch attacks into Italy. The air war is stalemated.


The Entente push into Germany and the Balkans. The Siberian launch an invasion of Sweden to liberate it. Stability in Indochina collapses as Leninists under Ho Chi Minh rebel. France unable to resists abandons the colony. The British move into the region and annex it into Australasia. The Entente invades Romania and Hungary. Germany resists futilely.


The Entente push into Berlin. The Kaiser says he will never surrender. The Entente destroys Berlin from the air. Hundreds of airships drop a million tons of bombs on the city. The FEF capture most government buildings. The Kaiser is killed in an artillery strike. Germany surrenders upon the news.

The Versailles Treaty

Germany shall no longer retain an empire.
Siberia shall annex all lost Russian territories including Poland, the Baltic States and Finland.
Portugal shall retain its annexation of Spain.
The Free European Federation is disbanded. In its place is the Eurasian Military and Trade Organization or EMTO.
Massive tracks of Germany's land is lost. Austria shall be independent and Bohemia shall gain the Sudetenland.

Aftermath of the Second Great War 1940-1959

100 million killed

60% of pre-war French population killed.

70 million non-combatant deaths.

50 million wounded.


Russia/Siberia: three million

France and colonies: seven million

Portugal and colonies: three million

British Empire/ICB: ten million casualties

Scandinavian countries: two million

Germany and colonies: five million


A civil war in the Holland. Britain occupies Indonesia. Germany is abandoned for its own demise. Berliners scavenge through the rotting bodies and burned out tanks. The Siberia Union forms the New Federal Kingdom of Russia. Czar Alexei re-enters Petrograd in triumph. The Duma passes an act stating Petrograd will be the monarchical capital while Moscow will be the political capital. The Entente celebrate their victory. However, France is weary and maintains a large army on the German border. Young Kaiser Wilhelm IV (who was hiding in Bavaria) gathers a German army and marches to Berlin. People have resorted to cannibalism. The Kaiser begins to rebuild Berlin.


In the USA now president Barry Goldwater authorizes an invasion of several Latin American commonwealths who are in a state of rebellion against America. In response to this the USA developed agent orange as a suitable replacement for mustard gas. Using new helicopter technology the USAAF establishes air superiority over several commonwealths. Rock'n roll plays a huge part in American morale. Japan installs puppet governments in China and east Asia. A triple Cold War begins. Attempting to annex American territory, Japan begins supplying rebels in Panama.


The USA launches an invasion of Panama. The battle of Hill 32 is an American victory but a hard fought one. This is the beginning of the Latin American War. The US and Commonwealth governments crackdown on independence movements. Germany begins to rebuild itself and its army. Eurasian Alternative Media begins to state that in the long run, Germany will wage a Third Great War to finally destroy the Entente. The USA establishes the Pan-Latino/American Trade Organization or PLATO. Japan establishes the East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.


The US leads the race for new weapons. The US tests the F-200 Goblin fighter jet, the first airship launched jet plane. The St. Louis scandal, President Goldwater resigns after an eyewitness sexual assault on his niece. Vice President Richard Nixon comes to power. The Eurasian Pact begins installing liberal and monarchist regimes throughout Africa and Asia. Russia declares Kurdistan and Turkmenistan Grand Duchies. Islamistan is disbanded and annexed by Russia. Japan declares the Kingdoms of Mongolia and Chūgoku. The Commonwealth of Chile declares allegiance to the USA and sends troops to Latin America. Britain hands over Atlantica to the US in exchange for New Zealand. Atlantica is renamed the Commonwealth of Terra Nova. New Zealand is annexed into Australasia.


Peru joins the war on the US side. Britain offers to start peace talks in Liverpool the independence movements and USA agree. In South Africa and America, both are facing near rebellion due to racist laws like segregation and apartheid. Japan begins increasing their arms sails to the Latin movements. Canada, Quebec and Terra Nova begin sending troops to Latin America. The US cruiser Jacksonville captured a Japanese ship loaded with weapons. The USA demands an explanation. Japan replies by demanding a 99-year lease of the Panama Canal and five oil rigs in Alaska as payment for Japan to stop running guns to the Latin rebels. However, a Filipino unit discovers a camp full of more arms and ammo than what a Japanese ship could carry. The USA tells Japan to back off because Latin America isn't their business. Because of this Japan seizes Indochina. President Nixon declares war on Anarchy. The OSS conducts several raids across the USA and its commonwealths.


Anarchist resistance in South America was nothing until the Caracas bombings of January 7th, 1965. At this time Nixon declared marshal law in the commonwealths. PLATO forces flooded in. The US sent its airships to Panama. In Spring a container ship caring weapons for anarchists in a lock and exploded destroying the Panama Canal. Immediately shipping from Asia to Europe via North America was stopped. While Nicaragua was quelled the US began building a three-lane canal though the flat terrain. Covered by airships and 500,000 soldiers all across America. About five miles on both sides were dug the whole year.


Russia decrees that the American annexation of Alaska was illegal and that Alaska was a 99-year lease of the territory. Russia threatens the USA to remove its military from Alaska and allow Russia to enter. The USA refuses. Tensions escalate when the main US carrier task force Pershing scrambles aircraft after spotting Russian airships off the coast of Hawaii. Russia also uses the Japanese annexation of Sakhalin as illegal. Japan's entry forces Russia to back down on Europe's terms. The US invades Venezuela. Bolivia declares allegiance to the USA. The US begins rebuilding the Panama Canal. In Nicaragua the canal work increases due to an influx of poor workers from the US Mexican states and US black population. South Africa votes to ban apartheid.


Patagonia declares independence from Argentina but still asks to be a US commonwealth. The Latin American War dies down as most anarchist and independence movements have been crushed. Patagonia and Ecuador declare allegiance to America. The US begins shipping its soldiers back. The first lock is rebuilt in Panama. Democrat Jimmy Carter wins the US presidency. The Entente make plans for establishing an Arab power in the Middle East. Japanese forces are diverted from Sakhalin to crush a Chinese rebellion in Manchuria.


Anarchists strike hard in PLATOs home countries. Quebec City, Philadelphia, Vancouver, and Los Angeles are attacked in a series of radical anarchist "human bombings". Entente plans for a Middle East caliphate are stopped when the Kingdom of Persia launches pre-emptive bombing strikes on Kurdistan and Arabia. The Entente sits by wanting to know the winner. India is thrust into Japan's sphere after several radical Muslim human bombings occur across Kashmir. Another lock is rebuilt on the Panama Canal. The US decides to expand the locks. Indian airships bombard Islamic positions in Kashmir.


The bloodshed in Arabia continues as the Latin American War ends. Iraqi and Kurdish forces manage to counter attack against Persia. Israel announces its entry into the war. The Tehran Hostage Crisis. Persia storms the Russian embassy only to release them 50 days later under threat of Russian intervention. Arabia launched airstrikes on Persia crippling its oil supply. Persia then experienced an Islamic coup which brought the county to its knees and surrendered.


Israel was tired of sharing its land with the local Palestinians. On New Years Day Israeli soldiers stormed Gaza and the West Bank. Immediately Egypt, Jordan and Syria declared war on Israel. The Israelis strike deep into the Sinai and Golan Heights. For six months Israel demolishes the Arab armies in the promised land. The treaty of Lisbon is signed. The Sinai, Golan Heights, Gaza, and West Bank will be annexed and made a Jewish holy land. Portugal puts through several reforms giving annexed Spain more autonomy. Germany falls not a deep economic hole after a sudden collapse of the economy. Canada is commonwealthed by the USA. Arabia and other Muslim states fall into fighting between Shia and Sunni Muslims.


Entente invasion of the Middle East. Aging Entente secretary-general Charles de Gaulle wants to build a pro-EMTO state which can handle Europe's demand for oil. India and other Muslim states condemn the action. The US and India establish a mutual trade and military agreement. Japan reluctantly accepts this. However, after a suicide bomber kills the Indian prime minister India declares a state of war against radical Islam.


The world is shocked as the Sunnis and Shias burn the oil fields across the Middle East. The oil price of one barrel goes from 100 US dollars to 1000 US dollars. The Entente decides to end radical Islam by occupying the Middle East. America and Japan, bitter rivals of the Entente begin funding pro-Arabian Islamic groups. Persia is invaded by India and the Entente. The USA begins funding independence movements in Africa. The Pan-African movement started.


The Ententes grip on Africa began to fall. Independence movements in Morocco and Egypt forced Entente soldiers from the Middle East to their African colonies. In one swift move Belgium's hold on the Congo fell, Portugal was the only country to keep its colonies in check along with Britain. The Chinese rebellion in Manchuria is crushed. Some 40 million Manchurians are relocated to Chūgoku, Japan declares Manchuria a "native Japanese homeland". Manchuria is renamed to Manchukuo. Kaiser Wilhelm IV is assassinated by a German Communist. His son Otto I at 32 takes power.


The US and its commonwealths face terror attacks on an epic scale. US president Carter declares Communism a threat to the world. The US cracks down on the population. In the US itself the population still has a considerable amount of freedom, especially in the more liberal music industry. Rock 'n roll and Doo-wop are the most popular type of music. The style of life and music of the late '40s and early '50s still are carried on into the modern day.


Liberal protesters in New York are accidentally shoot along with several black students. Immediately the black population of America revolts. Work on the near completed Nicaragua Canal and rebuilding of the Panama Canal are stopped. President Carter resigns allowing Vice President William Westmoreland to take office.


Riots explode across Entente nations demanding an end of the Middle East war. British bands like The Lions and The Hogs speak out against the war. The American band Jefferson Airplane produces the song Volunteers speaking out against war. Entente forces close in against Sunni and Shia resistance in Arabia. France votes to form the nation of Afrique du Nord française. Portugal decides to confederate its colonies into Angola-Moçambique. Britain declared Anglo-Nila an autonomous province of the ICB. Resistance in Syria is funded by the USA. Jihadi's strike several Russian bases killing 10,000 Russian soldiers. The Paris riots are crushed with over 120,000 people wounded or dead. Anglo-Nila declares independence from Britain. The new country of Sudan-Tanzania is proclaimed. On October 1st, 1976, Entente leaders in Lisbon vote to leave the Middle East.


Israel launched attacks on the Hashemite Caliphate. Israel's causes beli was to establish a New Byzantine Empire. The Empire of Mesopotamia declares war on Kurdistan and Israel. The new British ambassador in the EMTO declares Britain the sole member of the Entente who did everything correct. EMTO falls apart. Anglo-Arabia secedes from the ICB. The Republic of Australasia is declared. South Africa and Rhodesia declare themselves the Federation of Anglo-Africa. PLATO changes its name to the United League of Free Nations. Anglo-Arabia joins the Arabian Caliphate. Ethiopia is the First Nation in Africa to join the ULFN. Australasia collapses, Siam is annexed by the Khmer Empire.


The bloodbath in the Middle East continues with huge loses on all sides. Due to the Hashemite's great determination, an armistice was signed creating the nation of Free Byzantium on Anatolia's southern coast. Mesopotamia is conquered by Arabia. Arabian soldiers use gas grenades against Kurd positions in Baghdad. Israel declares war on Arabia. Seeing another Muslim power attacked by the Jews the Hashemite's re-declare war on Israel. Israeli forces capture Damascus and continue pushing until they reach the Kurdish border. Arabian airplanes strike several key positions held by the Hashemite's. Persia refuses to get caught up in the bloodbath. The General-Secretary of the Entente says, "look what you maniacs have done to an entire region in six years".


The US launches tactical bombing raids against any non-Israeli or Kurdish positions in the Middle East. The Israelis slog into Armenia. Ethiopia (which has created and empire out of Europe's former East African colonies) launches an invasion of Arabia after it captures an Israeli Christian battalion and executes them all. Ethiopian forces land on Arabia's West Coast. Within a month with minimal resistance Mecca is captured. Israeli and Kurdish forces push deep into Arabia capturing very valuable oil fields. Israeli-Kurdish generals create the Free State of Babylon in Iraq and northern Arabia. Bulgaria and Greece invade the Hashemite Caliphate and annex the whole country in different zones.


Russia experiences a series of attempted coups and revolutions lead to massive anti-president Boborov's actions in quelling revolts in Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Polish independence protests are crushed under Russian tanks. Second Polish Revolution is lead by Jews after years of Russian anti-Semitism. US president Reagan travels to Stockholm demanding Russia release Poland. A Third Chinese uprising but this time it's in Chūgoku. Japanese troops are unable to control the riots in Beijing and other cities.


Japan launches a full invasion of Chūgoku (China). The US sends arms to stop Japan. Britain falls into an economic hope which grows into an economic depression. Ireland takes this time to declare independence from Britain peacefully. The U.K. accepts this. The Catholic southern counties leave with more a more pro-British stance in Northern Ireland.


The Khmer Empire takes militaristic actions against the Australian protectorate of Malaysia. Australia and New Zealand declare war on the Khmer Empire. Indonesia is caught in the crossfire but takes the Khmer side for Malaysian Borneo. ANZAC and Indonesian ship duel off the coast of Darwin. Khmer submarines raid Sydney. Japan too busy in Chūgoku, does not intervene. Australia lands 10,000 soldiers on Java while the Papua expeditionary force made of aborigine brigades advance into Indonesian Papua New Guinea. India offers to start peace talks. Malaysia after three months of fighting falls and is annexed by Khmer and Indonesia. Fighting in Java continues into Winter.


Australia adopts the US M-10 helmet to replace the older Brodie. Japan is unable to put down the Chinese rebellions, China then declares itself a non-Japanese state. Mongolia is conquered by China. Russia collapses into a state of civil war after the death of President Boborov's and Czar Alexei.


Huge revolutions launch in Western Russia. The Polish underground mobilizes an army and marches through Byelorussia. The FIM or Finnish Independence Movement rises up in Helsinki. With the Vice President in hiding and Secretary of State commuting suicide Russia's army mutinies. In the chaos Republicans begin to rise up. Soon a Russian army marches to Moscow and proclaims the Republic of Russia. The more left wing Liberal party claims the People's Republic of Russia. With funding from the United States, the Republic of Russia masses an army and sends it east. The fighting in Indonesia continues with further ANZAC victories. Java is captured and the Australians launch an invasion of Borneo. New Guinea is put under Australian control. China declares war on the Khmer Empire. Chinese soldiers retake Khmer southern China. Republican forces fire on Liberal forces in the Ural's. Start of the Russian Civil War.


The United States takes advantage of the Russian Civil War to expand its own territory. In Spring the US marines made landfall outside Petropavlovsk and Vladivostok. The citizens called them liberators but the USA had another plan. Immediately all language in schools were corrected to English. President Abrams declares the east of Siberia the new US state of West Alaska. Japan does not take advantage of the situation in Russia like America. The Liberal army is toppled by Communists who form the Russian Union of Soviets, or the Soviet Union. Germany annexes Austria after a majority vote. ANZAC forces occupied all of Indonesia. Chinese troops advance on the Khmer Capitol in Rangoon.


The Russian Civil War continues. The Soviets and Republicans stalemate themselves in the Ural's. The Soviets concentrate on retaking Vladivostok. Nearly 500,000 men overrun US positions in the region. Japan now sees the Soviets as a threat. Japanese forces invade the Maritime Province and annex it into the Japanese Empire. Rangoon is captured. Khmer surrenders and is annexed into China. Indonesia is annexed by Australia. US forces are pushed into an area around Kamchatka. The US and Soviets broker a peace deal. Soviet offensives open up in the Ural's. Republican troops are pushed back to Moscow. However, a Relief force of European Volunteers arrive to back up the Republic in a new counteroffensive which pushes the Soviets back to the Urals. The Germans host the Berlin peace conference. The Soviets will have Siberian while the Republic will have the West of Russia.


The Japanese in Chugoku end the Third Chinese Revolution. Japanese domination over Southeast Asia also starts to dwindle as the insurrection in Indochina hasn't ended since it began when Japan seized Indochina in 1964. South Africa's intervention in Rhodesia begins with the annexations of Bechuanaland. The "American Invasion" of Europe begins when the US bands tour Europe. A number of '60s bands also make a re-emergence. President Reagan states that the Japanese and Entente are collapsing and America will be the sole superpower by 2000.

The movie Balls of Steel (parody of Full Metal Jacket) comes out as a major success talking about the Latin-American War despite being filmed in eastern London.


The Middle East flares up in conflict when Kurdish-Israeli launch a surprise attack on the Hashemite Caliphate in Turkey. The war is quickly ended after the capture of Ankara. Japan wanes on the brink of civil war itself due to the age of Hirohito. A major insurrection by Kim Il-Sung in Korea also begins to add to the pressure. Japan's empire is starting crumble. The ongoing conflict in Indochina is drawing evermore resources from the Japanese occupation of Chugoku. There is also a underground cultural revolution going on in Tokyo. Japanese pop-bands start going out against the atrocities of Japan.

Japanese interests in South Asia are also threatened by the ANZAC powers in the south with American support, US West Alaska to the north and the Soviet Union. and to the east the powers of India and Turkestan. In Rhodesia the civil war is being quelled by the South African army. Rhodesia is broken up into Zambia and Zimbabwe. Rock also moves to South Africa motivating the youth against the Quasi-Apartheid laws the nation still holds. Lethoso and Swaziland are also handed to South Africa from Britain.


Emperor Hirohito dies. Japan falls apart. Imperial soldiers in Indochina mutiny. The Fourth Chinese Revolution occurs. Japanese soldiers are killed by the score, the Chinese people hang any Japanese soldier they encounter, the most violent Japanese Camp commandants are beheaded. Turk soldiers move into Shinkyo (Xinjiang). In Japan riots begin against the imperial regime.


The situation in East Asia turns sour for Japan. Indochina has achieved independence. In Korea Kim Il-Sung's rebels take control of Pyongyang while more moderate capitalist Koreans take control of Seoul. The Fourth Chinese Revolution starts with Communists and Nationalists aligning against Japan. Japanese leadership attempt the crush the rebellion but tired soldiers refuse to fight. In Manchuria Soviet forces attack Japanese positions on the border. Japan's Pacific fleet is directed to the Sea of Okhotsk and Yellow Sea.

In America President Bush begins arming the Chinese and Capitalist Koreans against Japan. The genre of rock known as Garage Rock makes a reappearance with the band Bad Day and their hit "I'm For Things You Do".


The Entente's response to the collapse of Japan is one of shock. The imperial army is driven from Manchuria, Mongolia and Siberia, these areas are immediately annexed into the Soviet Union. In China victory against Japan is met with civil war. Millions are killed in the bloodshed. Korea itself also breaks into Civil War but is met with a ULFN peacekeeping force of Americans and ANZAC personnel, a capitalist regime is set up in Korea.

In Indochina a regional pole ends up with the division of the territory. Vietnam becomes Communist, Cambodia becomes Monarchist (inspired by nearby Thailand) and Laos descends into a hell of self choosing.


East Asia settles back into order after Japan's collapse, well accept China which has spiraled into more violence and despair. The US begins funding the nationals while the Soviets sit back. Korea enters the ULFN. West Alaska is created into the Republic of Kamchatka and a ULFN puppet.


The Second Chinese Civil War falls into stalemate. The US begins increasing its oil production to match with the rising prices of the ever so precious Middle East reserves. The US increases its influence in Asia by admitting the autonomous British province of India into the ULFN.


The British Empire falls apart after the fall of India. Al Gore wins re-election in the USA. In Europe unrest is present in Ireland and Portuguese Spain. The Entente is starting to wither away and die. The general-secretary of EMTO David Cameron announces Britain's parliamentary debate about withdrawing. France is also questioning its strength in its last remaining African colonies, Algeria and Mali. The US is also building up its military presence in Liberia.

The Republic of Ireland joins the ULFN. The US sets up a naval base in Cork. Israel declares itself a Jewish-Christian state. All Muslim Palestinians are sent to Jordan or Egypt. Kurdistan protests this but is reluctant to take refugees despite being Israel's and America's ally.


Massive race riots and protests are held across the USA demanding a end to the neo-segregation between whites and the lower blacks and Latinos. Open warfare begins in Namaland in South Africa between Namibian rebels and the South African government. Soldiers of South Africa both black and white fight to keep the territory under South African control. Indian and Afghan forces clash in Kashmir. In China the civil war dies down after the continued stalemate. The Nationalists have entrenched themselves into the south and much of the coast. The Communists have the north of the country with control of Peking. South China asks to become a member of the ULFN.


The world faces a major crisis after a documentary reveals a shortage of oil in the Texas oil fields. In September the oil prices of the Middle East rise to nearly 100,000 US dollars for a barrel. This causes increased tension between the Entente and the Middle East. The Russian Czarist Republic is absorbed into the USSR. North China overruns the south. China then begins making massive territorial expansions like annexing Laos and Vietnam. Burma then falls and China begins making threats to Japan to hand them Formosa.


Third Sino-Japanese War, China invades Formosa. The ULFN sits back. Meanwhile The Soviets attack China from the north.

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