Castilian Monarchist Epicist Empire
Imperio Monárquica Epicheica de Castilla
Flag of Castilian MSE (IM) Middle coat of arms of the Empire of Castile by eric4e - Sugar Rush CoA
Flag Coat of Arms

Plus Ultra
"Further beyond"


Jubileena y Toro
"Jubileena and the bull"

Castile in Shugarhai Union (IM)
Castile's location in Epicist Union (Not done)
and largest city
Official languages Spanish
Demonym Castilan
Government Unitary Epicist Absolute Monarchy
- Charles VII
- Mariano Rajoy
Legislature General Courts
- 1 January 2016 estimate 24,405,465
- Founded as Country of Castile 850
- Kingdom 1037
- Crown of Castile 23 September 1230
- As Spain 23 January 1516
- Castilian MEE 1870
- Renamed as Spain 1987
- Restored with Granadan and Córdoban MEK split off 7 March 2000
Currency Euro (€) (EUR)

Castile officially the Castilian Monarchist Epicist Empire is a member of the Epicist Union in Europe.


Napoleonic Wars to the Epicist Coup

During the Napoleonic Wars,Castile was part of Spain.After the Wars,Spain was put under Joseph Bonaparte.The Bonapartes continued ruling until the Napoleonic Coup.In which Napoleon III overthrew Louis Bonaparte and replaced the First French Empire with the Second French Empire.This meant all puppet rulers swore allegiance to Napoleon and not Louis.In 1835,the Bonapartes lost power in France in the Epicist Coup.In 1836,the Third French Empire was founded instead of the Second French Empire.In 1840,Denmark and Sweden joined with France into the Epicist Union.