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Cassinian Union
Union cassinienne
Cassinische Union

Timeline: Venusian Haven

OTL equivalent: Dione Regio and Themis Regio (Venus).
Flag of Cassini (Venusian Haven) Cassini Coat of Arms (Venusian Haven)
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of Venus (Venusian Haven)
Location of Cassini (left orange).
Capital Le Verrier-Galle
Largest city Bode
Other cities Galileo, Huygens, Messier
French and German (de facto)
  others Dutch, Italian, Spanish
  others Islam, Judaism, Scientology
Demonym Cassinian
Government Federal parliamentary republic
  legislature Parliament
Chancellor Umberto Guidoni (Left)
Established 2008
Currency Franc (₣) (XVF)
Internet TLD .ce
Organizations UN, UNVC, VF

Cassini, officially known as the Cassinian Union, is a sovereign state located in southeastern Aphrodite Terra on planet Venus. Encompassing all of Dione Regio and much of Themis Regio, Cassini is a completely insular nation which shares a maritime border with Saigyo in the north. The area came under the administration of the European Space Agency during the late 1990s, with colonization taking place throughout the 2000s. Cassini declared its independence in 2008, establishing itself as a federation of the main European settlements.

The nation has a humid and subtropical climate, often compared with the Southern United States in appearance. Most of the region is covered in evergreen forests and volcanoes, with most of the population located along the coastline.


The nation was named in honor of Giovanni Domenico Cassini, an Italian French astronomer whose credited for detailing the orbit of Venus' moon: Neith. The name was popularized by Ulf Merbold in 2008 as the name for the nation, keeping with the tradition of naming settlements after famous European astronomers.


Charlemagne Missions and Exploration

In the early 1990s with the exploration and colonization of Venus being kicked off by the Soviets, the European Space Agency began approaching NASA for assistance in the exploration of Venus. ESA began working on the Charlemagne rocket. The first Charlemagne rocket was completed on January, 16, 1994 in French Guiana, home of ESA launch pad.

Charlemagne V (The first five were probes) landed on Venus on May 14, 1996, with Ulf Merbold being the first European to step on Venus in modern day Bode. The words he uttered were "Dieses Land wurde für Europa gemacht" ("This land was made for Europe"). He named the land after Bode, a famous German astronomer. The people having to stay on Venus made a settlement with supplies coming from Earth and other Western-backed Venusian settlements.

The next few years passed with seven more Charlemagne missions happening. After Charlemagne X, the captain of it, Roberto Vittori said, "It's done, Venus is ready, we need to colonize". Soon afterward people began discussing colonization, and construction began on the Habsburg rocket.


The first colonization mission began on Venus with Habsburg rocket landing on Bode. Habsburg I and II brought supplies to Bode for a creation of a town while Habsburg III brought 150 colonists (most of them being family members of the first spacionauts). Slowly more and more colonies were sent with the Habsburg rocket. Around that time an Italian-only colony was established nearby named Galileo after the famous Italian native, Galileo. Many other nations began renting ESA rockets, launchpads and everything to create their nation-only colonies.

The first Dutch/Belgian joint colony was established in 2003 under the name of Huygens, after Christian Huygens, while a few months later a German, French and another Italian one were created. Slowly more and more people began to move to the many different colonies. In 2006 the head of the European Union made a surprise visit to European Venus.

Government and Politics

The constitution of the Cassinian Union states that it is a multi-party republican capitalist federation with protection of civil rights.

Cassini is a multi-party federation that has multiple political parties. Some of the most influential parties include Cassini Peoples Party, the Cassini Social Democrats, the Nationalist Party of Cassini, the The Greens–European Free Alliance, and the Democratic Alliance.

Recently the Nationalist party and its goals have reached increased traction. They believe in Cassini placing claims over all of the Themis Regio, the Alpha Regio, and Unity between Cassini and Ostland. One of the contested goals of the Nationalist party is Unity with Nova Britannia and Albany. This goal has not gained much traction inside or outside the party. The nationalist party maintains centre-right/moderate political views as well as expansion of the self defense force.

Armed Forces

US Army soldiers new combat army military uniforms multicam pattern United States American 27

The Land Patrol in a training exercise in the Eastern Themis Regio

While the Venus Treaty prohibits the usage of a military in order to keep Venus demilitarized Venus does possess some standing armed forces. The branches of the Cassini armed forces are the joint land patrol (French: Joint Land Patrol Patrouille Conjointe des Terres); German: Gemeinsame Land Patrouillieren, the Air group (French: Groupe Air; German: Luftgruppe), and the Sea Guard (French: Mer Gardien; German: Meer Bewachen).

Administrative Divisions

The Cassinian Union is a federation comprised of several regions (French: régions; German: Regionen).



Cassini is known for its richness of iron, pine, coal, diamonds, and aluminum. Cassini has also been making moves to become Venus' leader in the agricultural industry, by increasing food production. Attempts have been made to turn Galileo into the Venusian tourism headquarters. Early attempts have been made to establish Messier as a industrial center.

Cassini has recently experienced an influx in capital due to the fact that the Cassini Ligue has gained extreme popularity on Earth. The popularity of it has led to major jersey sales across Earth as well as each game being televised throughout the world. The Cassini national team has also gained popularity throughout Europe.

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