Caspian Virtanis
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Virtanis in 2016

Vice-President of the United Republic of Tiangong
1 February 2012 – present

Predecessor: Kazumi Hatoyama
President: Asami Saito

First Gentleman of the United Republic of Tiangong
28 February 2013 – present

Born: 1988 (age 28)
Republic City
Spouse: Asami Saito
Relatives: Kuvira Laghima (adoptive sister)
Father: James Virtanis
Political party: None
Religion: None
Caspian Virtanis (Chinese: 喀石邳鞍吾勒洮) is a United Republic politician, former singer, actor and model; who is currently serving as the Vice-President of the United Republic of Tiangong. Virtanis is the adoptive brother of Kuvira Laghima, the Great Uniter. He is also the First Gentleman, as he is married to Asami Saito, the current President. They are the first couple to serve as President and Vice-President in world history.

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