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Caspian Alexandersen (Celestial Ascendance)

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Caspian Alexandersen
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Caspian Alexandersen
Portrait of ᛬ᚲᚫᛊᛈᛁᚫᚾ᛫ᚫᛃᛚᚲᛊᚫᚾᛞᛖᚱᛊᛖᚾ᛬

King consort of the Norse
5 March 2012 – present

Predecessor: Elena Svensdottir (as queen consort)
Born: 1 February October 1994 (aged 20)
Lundúvir, England, Norse Empire
Spouse: Elsa II
Royal House: House of Thor (by marriage)
Father: Alexander Anderssen
Mother: Sophie Bergen
Religion: Ásatrú
Caspian Alexandersen is an English actor, model and husband of Queen Elsa II of the Norse. He became King consort when she was coronated on 5 March 2012. He is the youngest royal consort in the world.


Monarchical Styles of
Caspian Alexandersen
Reference style His Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style Sir
  • 5 March 2012 - present: His Royal Highness Caspian Alexandersen, King consort of the Norse

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