Point of Divergence

Roger Casement travelled to Germany in 1914 to secure German assistance in his planned uprising against the British. In this timeline, he does not attempt to create an "Irish Regiment" from Irish prisoners of war, instead devoting his time to attempting to negotiate German aid for the revolution. Casement manages to secure a meeting with Kaiser Wilhelm II on July 17th, 1915, and manages to sway him to the revolutionary cause. Wilhelm personally recommends Casement's plan to senior military officers such as Paul von Hindenburg. Although the German high command was reluctant to expend valuable arms on a plan that depended much on Irish public sentiment, by 1916 they were convinced that the military advantage offered by opening up a second front for the British outwayed the potential risks, and give Casement much more support.

Pages (WIP)

Irish Revolutionary War (Casement Convinces)

The Initial Rising

Battle of the Shannon

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