Cascadian Republic is the secession of Cascadia for the USA, and Canada, as well a some other countries. The world Balkanizes slightly.

POD: 1991: New Canadian missiles are tested in British Columbia. A new act in the United States puts restrictions on lumbering in the Pacific Northwest. These anger the people.

Timeline of Events

October 1991: President Bush and Brian Mulroney both apologize to the people but this does not make a significant difference. Talks of secession go around in the province and two states.

December 1991: The Christmas Secession was a set of documents sent to the United Nations about the three territories seceding to form their own countries on December 23 through December 25. Cascadia officially becomes its own country on April 17, however.

April 1992: Cascadia becomes officially independent. Borders are set out. Cascadia only gets 60% of British Columbia. It sets forward its own rules, and becomes a Parliamentary Republic. It decides to focus on Education, Healthcare, and Economy.

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