Cascadian Insurrectionary
Cascadian conflict 2017 (Washington under control by Cascadian rebels (highlight in green) as in February 2017.)

September, 2011




Washington, Put spreads smaller parts on Northern-west Oregon


Nearly Cascadian rebels victory
Mostly United States victory
United States Military still mildly withdraws couple hundreds of soldiers and seventy tanks/artilleries out as February 2017.
Cascadian rebels/'revolutionaries' control 38% of state and 4.5% in Oregon as February 2017
Still Unrecognized by every nation except probably Republic of China since February 2017
Washington state's government moved into California's state capital (Sacramento) as temporary capital until the Federal government recontrolled its former capital

Major battles:

Cascadian uprisings (September 2011), Sieges of Seattle and Tacoma (October 1-8, 2011), Washington Campaign (2011-2015, 2017-)


Cascadians rebels

  • Cascadian Revolutionary army
  • Independence of Cascadia
  • Armed forces of Cascadian National-Greens (unofficial paramilitary group) (2014-)

United States government

  • Washington National Guard
  • United States Army (2013-)
  • United States Air Forces (2013-)
  • United States Naval Forces (2013-)
  • Oregon National Guard (2012, 2015-)




40,000 (May 2016)

85,000 (May 2016)

Casualties and Losses



Cascadian Insurrectionary aka "Revolutionary War of Cascadian Independence"/'War in Northwest Pacific' or Washington civil war for secession is civil conflict appear since September 2011 from due influenced from Arab Spring, Revolutionary War of Independence, some bits from Republican Party Crisis, few big Civil wars happen in South East Asia, Africa and Asian countries. Its as more new membership of Cascadian National-Green's popularity in Washington and eventually couple counties of Oregon in 2012. It's got hyped from Arab Spring and its civil wars from Libya and Syria.


Rise of Cascadian nationalism (2011)

Due of Arab Spring and semi-relevant current civil wars happening around world, radical Cascadians nationalist begin buying firearms from every stores around Washington rural areas. And its create first form of militant armies dubbed "Cascadian Revolutionary army" or "Independence of Cascadia" begin appearing in Washington cites (Bellevue, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Olympia) as semi-armed protesting for days demanding the region independence from United States. Put this worsen as Seattle and later couple cities occupied by Cascadian nationalists by control political buildings in two cities (Seattle and Tacoma) that both trashed it and replace their flags with Doug flag's symbolically declared war of independence from "reactionary" United States.

Cascadian uprisings

Civil uncontrol within Washington State's government-in-exile (2011-)

Washington Campaign (2011-15, 2017-)

Prevail of Cascadian Freedom (2012-13)

Treaty attempts (2013-15)


Successful Treaty (2015-17)