The Federation of Greater Cascadia
Timeline: Radioactive Tide Reloaded! (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Western Oregon
Flag of Cascadia
Flag of Cascadia
Cascadia is shown in green on the west coast of North America
(and largest city)
New Eugene
Other cities Albany, Corvallis, Eugene (Ruined)
Language English, Russian, Native Languages
  others Til'mok, Christianity (Orthodox and Protestant)
Ethnic Group Cascadian, Russian, Native American
Demonym Cascadian
Government Representative Federation
  legislature Representative Federation
Established 335

The Federation of Greater Cascadia is a country that is located on the west coast of North America, OTL Western Oregon


Cascadia has at times been a buffer state between the USA and Russia, part of the USA, and part of Russia. Due to the war, Russia and the USA have been destroyed, and Cascadia has received few nuclear strikes, leaving it one of the better off areas of North America. It was founded by a splinter group of the highly religious Til'mok tribes, and native Eugeneans, and many tribes have joined.

Urban Areas

Eugene and Salem, once the largest cities in what is now Cascadia, have been abandoned, due to the (non nuclear) strikes on them, and the vast amount of refugees that have overwhelmed them, leaving the nearby cities of Albany and Corvallis as the largest inhabited cities in Cascadia. Albany is the chief industrial city, with metalworking being the most important industry there, and the Albany Prospecting Company, a company of people who scour the abandoned cities for metals, and reforge them. Corvallis is the chief scientific center. The capital of Cascadia is New Eugene, a small town once known as Veneta.


Cascadia has a hodgepodge of religions and people, but they practice the same professions mostly. Forestry in the west, and farming in the east are the biggest employers, and industry and research in Corvallis and Albany.


The government is quite simple, due to Cascadia trying to appease as many tribes as possible to join the Federation. Each tribe elects a Councilor to go to New Eugene, where every four years they vote on a President, and meet every year. Emergency meetings may be held.

Foreign Relations

The only relations Cascadia has, are with the many tribes surrounding the Federation. They are all relatively friendly, except the dominant Til'mok tribe in western Cascadian lands.

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