Ecotopic Republic of Cascadia
Official language None. English is the de facto administrative language and a few native languages have official status within certain specific areas.
Capital -
President -
Establishment 2001 (Unrecognized)
Currency -
Government Type -
Religion -


Cascadia claims the full area of the former Canadian province of British Columbia, the US states of Washington, Idaho and Oregon, as well as western Montana, northern Nevada and part of Wyoming and Utah. The actual amount of control by the government of the Republic however decreases the further one goes away from the Vancouver-Seattle-Portland corridor.


The Cascadian project began decades before the independence of Quebec but it was only afterward that a large scale impetus was created within the region for independence.

The main participants in the project decided early on to use a gradualist approach to independence. Over the last decades, various levels of governments have created trans-borders links between themselves and the states and provincial governments (who had been elected on such a platform) have negotiated with their respective federal government to repatriate all the power that they could (collecting taxes, education, etc...).

In 2001, The government of British Columbia officialy declared its independence and the foundation of Cascadia. Following this, both the Canadian and afterward the US government officialy recognized the independence of British Columbia and the territory it occupied as a province but no more. Because of the cascadian continued claim to part of the US territory however, the USA has refused to recognized the cascadian government and other countries (including Canada) have followed suit. For this reason, official documents often refer to the cascadian government as either the "so called government of the self proclaimed Ecotopic Republic of Cascadia" or more often, "The government of the Former Canadian Province of British Columbia" (FCPBC).

Although Cascadia has now accumulated enough autonomy to be considered, de facto if not de jure, a country, its government has yet to officialy annex the land south of the 49th paralel fearing a potentialy violent backlash. For now, The US government continues to present itself officialy as in control of the non-british columbian part of the Cascadian territory but stop short of any actual actions.


The Armed forces of Cascadia are composed of a Regular and Reserved segment. The difference between the two is strictly organisational: the first is stationed on the former territory of BC and the later, in the "unredeemed" (US) part. It is an open secret that the US National Guard is used as a training venue for some units of the Cascadian Reserve Force.


The National Flag is an horiztonaly divided triband of blue, white & green defaced with a vertical red band fimibriated white. The flag's components symbolize (starting at the top): pure air, pure snow and pure land. The vertical red bar represent the majestic Redwood trees native to Cascadia.

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