Federal Republic of Cascadia
Timeline: Communist World

OTL equivalent: OTL British Columbia, US States of Oregon and Washington
Capital Vancouver
Largest city Seattle
Language English(de jure)
Demonym Cascadian
Government Federal republic
Area 1,384,588 sq km (534,572 sq mi) 
Population 15,108,870 
Independence from United States and Canada
  declared September 13, 1989
  recognized April 8, 1991
Currency Cascadian Ruble
Time Zone Pacific: UTC -8/-7
Calling Code 32
Internet TLD cp.
Organizations Confederation of Independent American States

Cascadia, officially known as the Federal Republic of Cascadia, is bio-region and country located within the western region of North America. Official boundaries were drawn along large ecological, cultural and economic boundaries.

The nation consists of the former British Columbia, Canada, along with Oregon, Washington, and portions of other states from the United States. At its maximum extent Cascadia extend from coastal Southeast Alaska to the north, extending into Northern California in the south, and inland to include parts of the Yukon, Idaho, Wyoming, and Western Montana.

Cascadia is home to slightly more than 15 million people (15,105,870), and has an economy generating more than $675 billion worth of goods and services annually. This number would increase significantly if portions of Northern California, Idaho, and Southern Alaska were also included. Its largest city, Seattle, itself has an economy slightly smaller than Thailand, but larger than Colombia and Venezuela. By land area Cascadia is the 20th largest country in the world, with a land area of 1,384,588 sq km (534,572 sq mi).

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