The Cartamunis (Spanish: Cartamuníes; Moorish: ⵉⴽⵔⴰⴷⵜⴰⵎⵓⵏⵎⴻⵏ trans. Ikradtamunmen, "the People of the Three Gods") were Iberian Catholics who lived under Moorish rule in Wandalus. Their descendants remained unconverted to Moorish crede, but did however adopt elements of Moorish language and culture. They were mostly Roman Catholics of the Latin Rite.

Most of the Cartamunis were descendants of Hispano-Roman Catholics and were primarily speakers of the Cartamuni language (late Latin of Iberia) under Moorish rule. During the first century of the Moorish invasion the Cartamunis were the 90-95% of the inhabitants of Wandalus, but declined to about 50% during the 11th century. This gives an idea of its demographic importance.

They suffered intermittent persecution throughout history. Mass deportation of 1126 to North Africa led to the virtual disappearance of urban Catholics of Moorish territory. The Cartamunis of Moorish origin were descendants of those Moors who converted to Catholicism, following the conquest of Toledo and perhaps also, following the expeditions of king Alfonso I of Aragon. These Cartamunis of Moorish origin, who converted en masse at the end of the 11th century, many of them Cujemi (ethnic Iberians previously converted to Moorish Christianity), are totally distinct from the Ismajis and Morisques who converted gradually to Christianity between the 12th and 17th centuries. Some Cartamunis were even Converso Sephardi Jews who likewise became part of the Cartamuni milieu.

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