The Principality of Carpia
— Free Kingdom of The Cimbrian Alliance
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Ukraine
Carpia flag
Flag of Caprland
Principality of Carpia
Location of Caprland
(and largest city)
Carpia, Zlatopil (Kirovohrad)
Religion Norse Polytheism
Ethnic groups
  others Roxolani, Costoboci
Government Free Kingdom
  legislature King
Established 1216 (463 AD)
Admission 1220 (467 AD)

A Short History of the Principality of CarpiaEdit

Carpia was the poorest of the three Principalities and it depended on them for its support. The diplomatic conditions of the Carpi with any of the other Kingdoms was not any better. The Carpians were found in all of the three Principalities because hardly any of them wanted to live in their home Principality. The system which had made the money for the nobility and the Prince of Carpia revolved around keeping the poor in a position of dependence on the farmland they worked. Prince Jasomir was not able to change this and had hardly any motivation to do so. He lived in a palace and hardly ever left it. His life was so extravagent that it made him heavily overweight even while many of his people were starving or close to it.

List of Princes of CarpiaEdit

Prince Jasomir 1220- (467- AD)