In the tensions between France and Germany in 19th Century, as Germans encourage unification and cultural differences between French and Germans and mutual revanchism between Germans and French people since Napoleonic Wars.

After the Napoleon defeat and this enmity is considered as a factor contributed to German Unification and German Nationalist movement believed that the United Germany replace France as the dominant land power in Europe and since the middle ages, France had a larger population in Western Europe, leading to Franco-Prussian War in 1870 causing French Defeat, Finally the Treaty of Frankfurt, reached after a lengthy siege of Paris, could forced France to cede Alsace Lorraine to Germany.

What if, the Franco-Germany enmity ended in 1840 and leading to an earlier Franco-German cooperation and marriage of Prussian King and French King, resulting in earlier European Integration and creation of autonomous Alsace-Lorraine will result Franco-German war will never happens, what might the world be like under such a Carolingian Reborn?.

Point of Divergence

In 1840, France and Prussia had arranged their marriage and France had peacefully ceded the Alsace-Lorraine to Prussia and evolved into Autonomous Region and leading the marriage and creation of Personal Union between France and Prussia until German Unification and creation of Franco-German Alliance called "The Carolingian Coalition" with Unified Germany and led to the compete in African Colonies and Italian Unification, leading to an Austro-German enmity to compete with Britain and start of democratizaion of France and Germany and Creation of Carolingian Powers with USA, In Response to American hostility with Britain and becomes restored alliance called "Carolingian Alliance", and the world remembering what the France and Unified Germany formed an alliance to create Carolingian Powers.

Want to Contribute

This timeline is open for anybody who shows interest in joining. Before you consider getting started, It is highly recommended that you get antiquated with the editorial guidelines of this timeline or post an ideas that related to the timeline.

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