The Caroline Era is the current historical period, from the Coronation of King Charles III to the present day and on into the future.. It is not currently clear whether the King will follow his mother's example and abdicate in 2013 in his heir's favour, though if so an announcement might be expected shortly. Both Republicans and Royalists use the term to refer to the interval between June 1983 and the present day, and the term is widespread throughout the Commonwealth.

Historical Trends

This era has seen the movement of human beings into space begin in earnest. The King became the first monarch to go into space. There has also been much progress in Information Technology and Medicine, much of which is down to the work of British scientists. There has tragically also been a nuclear war which has resulted in millions of deaths and resultant major changes in global climate, and a major epidemic in Africa, associated with the complete breakdown of society over much of that continent. The Commonwealth has been involved in both of these disasters, since many Commonwealth nations are African, along with Pakistan and India.

Domestic and Constitutional Significance

The Caroline Era has seen the reunification of Ireland, the break up of the United Kingdom into a looser federation with the devolution of Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall, the complete independence of Forvick and the Orkneys, the conversion of England into six semi-autonomous regions and the disestablishment of the Church of England. A new Act Of Succession was introduced which allowed Catholics to marry into the Royal Family and for an eldest female child to become heir. Consequent to the disestablishment of the Church, new bishops and archbishops are no longer members of the House of Lords, although existing bishops were simply made life peers. The issue of republicanism versus monarchism is once again on the political agenda due partly to the King's personality and behaviour since he came to the throne.

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