Carlos de Sevilla

Carlos de Sevilla
Portrait of Carlos de Sevilla

Emperor consort of Spain
1205 – 1260

Predecessor: None (title established)
Successor: Victoria (as Empress)

King consort of Castile and Leon
1193 – 1205

Predecessor: Ximena d'Oviedo
Successor: Himself as Emperor consort
Born: 9 January 1175
Died: 9 December 1261 (aged 85)
Spouse: Sancha the Great
House: House of Zarzuela (by marriage)
Religion: Magdalenean Christianity
Carlos de Sevilla was the husband of Sancha the Great, founding Empress of Spain, and thus the first Emperor consort of Spain. Sancha and Carlos met during the former's exile in Madrid, where they fell in love, and eventually married. Several court poets describe the genuine love the Empress and Emperor felt for each other.

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