Carlos I de España
Carlos I of Spain
Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

Carlos I
Portrait of Carlos I de España

Emperor of Spain
King of Castile
King of Galicia
King of Leon
King of Navarra
King of Aragon
King of Portugal
King of Andalusia

1260 – 1301

Predecessor: Sancha the Great
Successor: Fernando II
Born: 1239
Palace of Madrid
Died: 1301
Palace of Madrid
Full name: Carlos Fernando Pelayo de Zarzuela
Spouse: Victoria of Italia
House: House of Zarzuela
Father: Carlos de Sevilla
Mother: Sancha the Great
Religion: Magdalenean Christianity
Carlos I of Spain  (Spanish: Carlos I de España), nicknamed "the Handsome" (Spanish: el Hermoso) was the second Emperor of Spain, succeeding his mother, Sancha I. Carlos was a strong and respected ruler, conquering the Balearic islands from Italia. He was named after his father, Carlos de Sevilla, the Empress's beloved husband.

Carlos died childless, and the throne was passed to his youngest sister's youngest son, Fernando.

Carlos was regarded as very handsome, and received many requests from various nobles to marry one of their daughters; such as from François I, the King of France, who offered him the hand of his daughter: Marie. Carlos refused; and sent an angry letter to the king. Eventually Carlos agreed to marry Victoria, Princess of Italia, due to the extreme pressure from his family and vassals. The two never had children, prompting some people to speculate that he was homosexual, which was indeed true. Upon her deathbed, Empress Victoria reveald to her son that she had always known Carlos was secretly in love with Diego de Valencia, the emperor's most trusted servent and advisor. Despite this, Victoria and Carlos were on good terms, and Victoria refused to betray her husband, even when confronted about it. Carlos frequently referred to Diego as his "best companion", "favorite servant", and wrote several poems and odes to him; including one where he cited that "if it was accepted, he would marry him in a heartbeat". Unfortunately for him, homosexuality was seen as weird at best and a capital sin at worst, and Carlos had to keep it a secret from his nation.

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