Carlos Andrés Pérez
Timeline: Napoleon's World

CAP in 1981

President of Colombia
6 August 1978 – 20 November 1983

Predecessor Rómulo Betancourt
Successor Rafael Villana

Chairman of the Social Party
October 18, 1970-August 6, 1978

Predecessor Miguel Osserides
Successor Jaime Llero
Born 27 October, 1922
Caracas, Dep. Caracas, Est. Venezuela, Colombia
Died 25 December, 2010
Miami, Florida, USA
Spouse Cecilia Matos
Political Party Social
Religion Catholic
Profession Lawyer

Carlos Andrés Pérez Rodríguez (27 October 1922 - 25 December 2010), also known as CAP, was a Colombian politician, best known for serving as the Chairman of the Social Party from 1970-1978 and as President of Colombia from 1978 to 1983. CAP was enormously popular for engineering the Social Party's massive gains in the 1974 election, which brought them control of both the Senate and Chamber of Representatives in Congress for the first time since the 1940's and delivered them the Presidency on the second ballot. In 1978, he was the clear successor to President Betancourt, and won a wide victory on the second ballot after barely missing a majority in the first round.

However, his Presidency was controversial for various corruption allegations in regards to the petroleum industry and his conduct of the Brazilian War. While he won a narrow runoff victory in the 1982, public opposition to his milquetoast execution of the war and strong Congressional opposition to him by the right-wing governing coalition of the Republicans and Christian Democrats led to his government's ouster in a vote of no-confidence in November of 1983, and he was succeeded by the compromise candidate of Rafael Villana. CAP attempted to run as the Social Party's candidate in 1986, but was defeated in the party's presidential primary and he retired thereafter.