Carlo Maria di Buonaparte (1746 - 1785) was a Corsican lawyer, politician and diplomat who became the second President of Corsica. 

Born in Ajaccio to as the second son of Giuseppe Buonaparte, he initially studied to be a lawyer at the University of Pisa before marrying in 1764. Afterwards, he became a secretary and personal assistant to Pasquale Paoli, who appointed him minister plenipotentiary to the Holy See. Shortly after his return to Corsica the island was invaded by France, and Carlo and his family were forced to flee to the mountains for several months before the French were repulsed.

After the invasion he was one of the chief negotiators and a signatory to the Treaty of Bastia, which thrust him into the public eye. Afterwards, he entered the Corsican political arena, becoming a prominent businessman and a councillor of the Diet, and eventually rose to become President Paoli's deputy. After Paoli's resignation in 1780, Buonaparte succeeded him as President, presiding over a new period of economic growth and improved relations with France.

Buonaparte died in office in 1785, probably of stomach cancer. Two of his sons, Napoleone and Luigi, later became Presidents themselves.

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