Caribean War
Date September 15th 1791 - February 12th 1801
Location Caribean Sea
Result Aztec Victory

28,000 men
204 ships
21,500 men
143 ships


Great Britain
12,060 men
57 ships
4,890 men
37 Ships
8,367 men
68 ships

Military casualties:
17,021 killed
Military casualties:
39,452 killed

The Caribbean War was a conflict between Aztecs and Incas and many european nations (England, France and Spain mainly) that lasted from 1791 to 1801. Because of the volume of the means used by both parties, by the enormity of the geographical setting in which it was developed, and the magnitude of the strategic plans of Spain and England, the war can be regarded as a true modern warfare.

The most significant action of the war was the site of Tulum, 1796, in which an European fleet (Spanish and British) of 16 ships and almost 28,000 men was defeated at the hands of an Aztec garrison composed of about 3,500 men and 6 ships of the line. History never saw another amphibious battle of such magnitude until the D-Day (Normandy), over two centuries later.

Caribean war

Caribbean war was an attempt by the Anahuac and Tawantinsuyu to eliminate territorial and commercial pressures that european nations applied on both empires. Thanks to this, trade was opened to the old world entirely, but this conflict weakened both empires and the European colonies, making the newly unified German Empire saw a gem in the territorially vast Tawantinsuyu to establish a colony, leading later to the Inca war- German.

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