Marcus Gavius Carausius
Timeline: Gaul Rising

4th First Citizen of the Gallic Empire
September 8, 304 – February 17, 305 (de jure), November 8, 305 (de facto)

Predecessor: Tetricus
Successor: Arpagius

Governor of Asturia
September 11, 298 – October 4, 304

Governor of Aquitania
July 26, 295 – September 11, 298

Governor of Germania Inferior
December 30, 290 – July 26, 295

Born: January 12, 257
Lutetia Parisiorum, Gallia Lugdenensis, Roman Empire
Died: January 30, 306
Colonia Agrippina, Germania Inferior, Gallic Empire
Political Party: Princepists
Religion: Roman paganism with Gallic influences

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