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Republic of Cape Verde
República de Cabo Verde
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Cape Verde
Flag of Cape Verde Coat of arms of Cape Verde
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem "Cântico da Liberdade"
Capital Praia
Largest city Praia
Other cities Mindelo, Assomada, Porto Novo de Santo Antão
Language Portuguese
Religion Roman Catholicism
Ethnic Groups
  others Creole
Demonym Capo-Verdean
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
Prime Minister
Speaker of the Parliament
Independence May 20 1990

The Republic of Cape Verde is a republic in the Atlantic Ocean. It is currently a protectorate of Portugal, but a large of the population seeks an eventual full independence.



As no strikes occurred on the Cape Verde Archipelago, there were no deaths of radiation. However, there was a supply shortage that strained the lives of the population. On 13th October 1983, Aristides Pereira, the incumbent president of Cape Verde, had declared a crisis, and his famous 'War on Earth' speech brought reassurance to the Cape Verdeans and told them of a prosperous future.

A fragment of the speech: Dear compatriots, the world has been destroyed by the fury of the war between the USA and USSR. Hard times are coming. That's why I will, with the help of the best mechanics of our nation, restore contact with the world.

Indeed, the president kept his promise. By March 1984 contact was restored with Senegambia, Cote D'Ivoire, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and the surviving Spanish Canary Isles. Through the Canary Isles contact was also established with the Portuguese Azores and Madeira, Western Sahara and even Iceland. The first ships, mostly Portuguese and Spanish, arrived in the port of Praia mid March 1984.

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