Canton Empire is an empire based on the Guangdong Province in China, lasting from 1842 to 1940. After its independence ignited by the First Opium War, it had successfully gained quick control of the whole Guangdong, and all of Southern China. Since the 1870s, it had expanded its influence to Southeast Asia, setting up various colonies on the coastal region. The empire was characterised by its unwillingness to involve the affair of the rest of China, and its strong presence as the biggest economic entity in Southeast Asia. 

Sphere of Influence

Based in the Southern part of China, which consists of Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan, Canton Empire had numerous colonies in Southeast Asia as follows:

. Tonkin (North East Part of Vietnam, including Hanoi)

. Phnom Penh (South Central Cambodia, including Phnom Penh)

. Pattaya 

. Strait Prefectures (Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Dumai)

. Malaya (State of Perak and Johor)

. Java (Include surrounding islands)

. West Borneo (Surrounding area of Kucheung)

. East Borneo (Brunei)

. Luzon (Including surrounding islands)

. Timor 

. Celyon (Northern Sri Lanka)

. Kohung (Kaoshiung Prefecture in Taiwan)

Historical Timeline

1842 -- During the First Opium War, the British army set up a puppet state in Canton, with the then chief executive of Guangdong, Yip Ming Shum, as the first emperor of the newly formed state. After the Chinese government surrendered in the battle of Nanking, the Nanking Treaty was signed, which recognised the Canton Kingdom as independent state. By that time, the state had only gained control in the surrounding area of the estuary of Pearl River.

1843 -- In this year, the control of the nation expanded fully overly the Guangdong Province. Under the British's guidance, cities in the province were opened to foreign trade including Fatshan, Siuhing, Chiuchau, Kongmun, Tzuhoi, Chamkong, Waichau, Sanmei, Santou and Maoming. However, most of the capital in those trading ports are controlled by British merchants, while a huge disparity in the treatment between the British and other foreign traders, and also the locals were observed. As a result, a huge riot rose. Spreading quickly along the province, armies and navies are sent from India to help in settling down the riots.

1844 -- The first five year project was launched. The project aimed to modernize major cities in the nation. Yet, the plan was disrupted by the riot spouting throughout the nation, which were the response of the mistreatment of the locals. While all the riots were settled in November, the government realized the importance of control in the deeper land of Guangdong. Thus, the government started the recruitment and training of Canton soldiers, and equipped them with advanced weapons offered by the British navy and army.

1845 -- By March, the first modern army of the nation was created. Its first mission was to eliminate the rebel force in Northen Guangdong. Two months later, the first modern navy was also created, which destroyed the force of private Cheung Po Chai together with Hong Kong navy. In this year, Martial law was lifted in the fear of further rebellion and the assassinations of government officials.

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