Canadian Monarch Republic
(Canadian Uni)
CaNaDa Royal Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom (Variant 1)
Canadian flag since 1893. Canada Coat of Arms
Location of the Canadian Kingdom

Dieu et mon droit (French)

Anthem "God Save The Queen"
Capital Vancouver City
Largest city London
Other cities Toronto, Auckland
  others English
  others Jewish
Ethnic Group French Canadian
Demonym Canadian
Queen Clinkack II
  Royal house: Canadian Cabinet
Population 1,093,593,132 
Established May 3rd, 1868 (independence) November 3rd, 1893 (unification of the kingdom)
Currency Canadian Dollar
(UTC-3.5 to -8) (UTC-3.5 to -8)
  summer (UTC-2.5 TO -7)
Calling Code +1
Internet TLD .ca

The Canadian Kingdom, (Canadian Uni,) formerly known as the Canadian Union (Syndicate Canadien) is a large country with almost one-third of the world's land. It is trading partners with lots of countries and sells goods such as gas, and uranium. It formed May 3rd, 1867 from the British Empire. Then, it started and built up its economy and built up a big army to take over most of the world.


Before the British and French colonized Canada, it was home to many Native Americans. The natives got here by crossing from Asia on a large land bridge that has flooded since. Fast-forwarding to the 1600s when French Acadia was abandoned for lack of food and disease, Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec City in 1608. Because of this, the French were able to take most of Canada. Britain also colonized Canada on the coast of Hudson Bay. Soon, the Seven Years War conflict (French and Indian War) attacked between France and Britain. Brittan won, suffered the American Revolution and gave land. After buying the Louisiana Purchase, the Canadians decided to (help) the Americans by adding it to its colony. The Americans refused ... until the Panic of 1837. The American's economy went so low, that it joined Canada without a blink!


The Canadians protested for independence from Britain and France savagely throughout Canada and Canadian America. The French let go, but the British didn't. Canada invaded British Canada and killed the British Canadian leader. Under Sir MacDonald, on May 3rd, 1868, Canada was free. Quickly, it set up a monarch in Vancouver City and made a large law system called the Monarch Law System. It also got about eight million citizens, calling for a 735,000-man military.

From Kingdom to Empire (1868-1914)

The Canadian Kingdom planned an invasion of New Zealand ... but how would they do that? It is governed by Britain and it has water access to escape! The Canadians thought and made a plan ... they would dress as British soldiers and carry bombs to the New Zealand capital, Wellington. When the bombs explode in morning time, Wellington will be in chaos and Canadian soldiers can just roll through and capture the capital. Then, French soldiers will take over the north island, while Canadian soldiers take the rest of the south. The rolled out the plan and everything goes successfully. Wellington caught on fire, while French and Canadians blockaded the city. The Canadians were able to take Wellington without a shot. But, the rest of New Zealand surrendered after that. New Zealand was annexed to Canada. Canadians wanted more land, and with the help of the French, Australia fell and quickly surrendered to the Canadians and French. It, too, had been annexed by Canada. New Guinea, was given free, as it didn't want to be invaded by Canada.


New Zealand's new government building in Auckland, after the Canadians took over.

From Kingdom to Empire (1914-1918)

By the start of World War One, Canada sided with the Central Powers, along with France. Because of this, Russia got a huge front and pushed into Canada from Russian Alaska. Brittan landed from Hudson Bay. Britain was able to take the Canadian Shield but KOCT, (Kingdom of Canada Troops) were able to kill the British commander. Russia got pushed back, after the ACTR (Arctic Canadian Troop Regiment) went bombing on their winter camps. Austria, France, Canada, and Germany all made an all-scale invasion on Britain. London fell, and Britain surrendered. Britain was annexed, along with Alaska. The Allies surrendered on November 11th, 1918. Canada was legal to annex the British Isles and Alaska. France donated Canada the South-East for part of the islands Canada gained from the war. France and Britain also gave Canada its African lands.

From Kingdom to Empire (1918-1939)

After World War One, Canada gained a large 30-million man military. The Soviet Union also formed, but still with the dislike of Canada by annexing Alaska. The Republic of California formed from Mexico, and found Canada as helpful allies. The two signed a treaty for a long lasting alliance, until the Great Depression, where Canada's economy reached an all-time low were Canadians and Californians suffered and struggled to survived. Luckily, Both countries were able to find precious minerals, such as uranium and gold. California and Canada had the best economy out of the rest of the world!

From Kingdom to Empire (1939-1945)

At the start of World War Two, the people of India snuck out and took down the Canadian Flag over New Delhi. Indian people also somehow got AK's and machine guns and invaded New Delhi. They took over the city and made the Republic of New Delhi. This infuriated Canada so New Delhi crossed over to Africa and attacked Canadian-held Africa. At the same time, Nazis in Germany invaded Poland. To the rescue, however, Nazi Germans was bombed in Berlin by Canadians. At the same time, New Delhi was surrounded by Canadians and the French. But still, Germany invaded Norway. All Norwegians surrendered. But any Canadians in Norway created a resistance to Germans and took over the country. After around the clock bombing, Germany surrendered. New Delhi also surrendered. At the end of the war, Canada has annexed all the land it has today.


The Canadian Kingdom is today a well found empire under Queen Hillary Clankack II. Right now, Canada and its allies are at war with Venezuela, Korea, and their allies in the Canadian Take-Over War. It currently has an eight million-man military, but that is subject to change. The war has caused many deaths, but they stayed strong. .

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