POD: During the American Revolution, the people of Quebec are inspired by the Americans and they begin their own revolution. Soon the revoltion spreads to the rest of Canada and Canada becomes independent. It grows to become imperial, then an empire, then a world power.



First POD

In OTL, the British carved the Province of Quebec out of New France. To avoid conflict in Quebec, the British decide to pass the Quebec Act of 1774, expanding Quebec's territory into the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. French language, Catholic faith, and French civil law are re-established.

In this ATL, the Quebec Act of 1774 is not passed, which angered the people of Quebec. The British place soldiers there and makes the people of Quebec house them, angering them even more. Finally, when the American Revolutionary War begins, Quebec begins its own rebellion as well.

Second POD

In OTL, the Battle of Quebec was a British victory. American commander Richard Montgomery was killed, Benedict Arnold was wounded, and Daniel Morgan was captured. The 1st Canadian Regiment only had a force of about 200 men.

In ATL, James Livingston, commander of the 1st Canadian Regiment, recruits more men because of the revolution in Quebec. Montgomery also isn't killed in the battle, so his attack and Arnold's attack don't fail. Because of this, the Americans win the Battle of Quebec, which makes many more Quebecois volunteer for the Canadian Regiments.

Fearful that more Canadians might join the revolution, Canadian soldiers are placed in each village and town to make sure no one rebels. The villagers must care for the soldiers; they must feed them, allow them a place to sleep, and other things. This angers many Canadians, and soon many pro-British Canadians become patriots. The rebellion soon spreads into the rest of Canada, eventually giving Canada its independence. 





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