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Canadian Federal Election, 2008 (President McCain)

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‹ 2006 [[Image:|border|50px|Canadian Federal Election, 2008 (President McCain)]] 2010 ›
Canadian Federal Election, 2008
All 179 seats to the Storting
November 13, 2007
First party Second party
122px-Stephen Harper (Official Photo) 105px-Stephane dion rally head
Leader Stephen Harper Stephane Dion
Party Conservative Liberal
Leader's seat Calgary South-West Saint-Laurent—Cartierville
Last election 124 104
Seats won 158 85
Seat change +34 -19
Popular vote 6,169,876 5,144,618
Percentage 43.4% 31.0%
Canada election 2006
Prime Minister before election
Stephen Harper
Elected Prime Minister
Stephen Harper

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