The Canadian federal election of 1945 was the 20th general election in Canadian history. It was held June 11th, 1945 to elect members of the Canadian House of Commons of the 20th Parliament of Canada.

Party Party Leader Leader's Seat Leader's Province Elected Seat Change Popular Vote Percent of the Popular Vote Popular Vote Percentage Change
Liberal W.L Mackenzie King Prince Albert (Lost Re-Election) Saskatchewan 94 -83 1,647,153 31.4% -19.9%
Progressive Conservative John Bracken Neepawa Manitoba 79 +40 1,552,730 29.6% +0.4%
Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation James Coldwell Rosetown-Biggar Saskatchewan 43 +35 1,159,302 22.1% +13.7%
Social Credit Solon Earl Low Peace River Alberta 10 = 199,337 3.8% +1.2%
Labour-Progressive Tim Buck Trinity Ontario 4 +4 183,600 3.5% +3.3%
Independent & Others N/A N/A N/A 15 +4 503,588 9.6% +1.3%
Total - - - 245 - 5,245,709


This election resulted in a substantially reduced seat count for the government.

Liberal Party

Prime Minister King was unable to capitalize on Canada's involvement in the recent allied victory in World War II, and the Liberals, while narrowly retaining their position as the largest party, were unable to hold on to a majority

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