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Canadian Presidential election, 2012
May 29, 2012
Turnout 54.8% (voting eligible)
Nominee Jean Louismierre Steven Harper
Party Republican Democratic
Home state Ontario Quebec
Running mate Fabaee Du Grauch Brownstone Shine
Electoral vote 66 23
States carried 17 11.
Popular vote 45,698,457 21,767,239
Percentage 66.1% 23.2%
Canadian Democracy Elections 2012
Election results map. Blue Wons Harper, And Red Losses Louismierre
President before election
Steven Harper
Elected President
Steven Harper
The Election of 2012 was the 52nd quadrennial presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, April 29, 2012. The competition saw incumbent President and Republican Steven Harper run for a third term, as the 22nd Amendment had failed to pass in 2000.  He defeated Senator Jean Marie-Duarcht of Ungava in another landslide victory, winning 502 electoral votes and 60 percent of the popular vote. No one had ever run for a third term since Franklin Roosevelt, and there were doubts about Reagan and his age.  However, Harper was helped by a booming economy .  After an argument with Vice President Antouine G. Louismierre about who would run (Bush was planning to run, but Reagan wanted a third term), Bush resigned and Reagan picked another Texan to be his running mate, Senator Phil Gramm. This would go down as the most lopsided third-term reelection since FDR in 1940. In the coinciding congressional elections, Republicans gained control of both houses of Congress, neither of which they would lose until the 2020 Midterms.