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Canadian Civil War







South and East Canada join the United States of America, U.S. Annexation of Canada to begin soon


Confederation of Secessionist-Canadian states

United States of America

Kingdom of Canada







Casualties and Losses




The Canadian Civil war began in 1882 years after the US Civil war. The United States had began to grow into a greater power with railroads, the telegraph, infrastructure, and much more. In 1870, the US had annexed upper Canada along with the city of Toronto. At that time that certain part of Canada was attempting to contain riots as some of the citizens were looking to join the US. The US had took military action and annexed upper Canada not only to suppress the riots, but also for more land and Toronto.

Now riots have grow again against the Canadian government and some against the US. The US growing economy and nation threatens Canada and some Canadian territories are looking to join the US and secede from Canada. Marshal law, curfews, kill orders have all increased unrest in the secessionist territories. More citizens are leaning towards the US and hope for a greater future as a US territory.

Eventually the US began to support the secessionist states and encouraged them to join. In 1882, the Confederation of Secessionist-Canadian states declared independent of Canada. These states included Ontario, British Columbia (divided), Yukon (divided), and Saskatchewan (divided). Canada declared war on the confederation and fortified its capital.

Like the American Civil War, Canada had attacked the confederacy first and led the Confederacy to leading a defensive war. At first, Canada had the advantage and had invaded more of Yukon and British Columbia. But the US had led strikes on the Canadian city of Ottawa. This city was a major point for Canada as many strikes were led from here and was also a base made to push back any invaders heading towards the capital. The US and the confederacy was not to far from the capital. It would only be a matter of time before the Battle of Quebec came. Meanwhile, rebel forces were launching multiple skirmishes on the Canadian Kingdom. The Confederates had the advantage as they were right next to the US and had done trade.

Involvement from Europe

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