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Second Bolshevik Revolt


Second Sino-Japanese War, Third Global War


Tri-Powers Conflict

Canadian Civil War

November 24, 1937


October 2, 1944




Allied Victory; dismemberment of Canada, division of Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland Independent


Flag of Assiniboia Assiniboia
Canadian Red Ensign 1921-1957 Canada (French-Canadian Quebecois) Flag of Quebec (FTBW) Quebec
US flag with 29 stars by Hellerick United States of America

Canadian Red Ensign 1921-1957 Canada (English-Canadian Nationalists) Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom




Casualties and Losses

~275,000 MIA, KIA, wounded

~350,000 MIA, KIA, wounded

The Canadian Civil War (1937-1944) was a war between the English-Canadian "Nationalists" and the French-Canadian "Quebecois" that raged from before the Third Global War until it merged with the world wide conflict. The civil war ended up dragging in Canada's neighbours including a Nationalist invasion of Assiniboia in 1941 (which had been secretly supporting Quebec for several years) and later the United States of America in 1942 in support of the Confederate States of America. The United Kingdom under the Natso British Imperial Party provided weapons, aid and manpower to the Nationalists. The nation of Quebec was created in 1941 with the determination to eliminate Canada once and for all.


Canada was established in 1864 by a unification of the British colonies of Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. From the very beginning, conflicts between the primarily French and Catholic Quebec and the rest of Canada, Protestant and English, lead to many political crisis and issues between the two cultures. One of the earliest and most important was the Hudson's Bay Controversy. When the United States

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