Canadian Civil War
Canada Civil War

July 1, 1996


August 8, 1999




Dissolution of Canadian Confederation

Annexation of Western Provinces to the United States

Creation of Aboriginal Homeland

Major battles:

Siege Of Ottawa

Prairies Conflict

Battle of St. Lawrence


Flag of Canada (Pantone)Canada

Flag of the USA with 67 stars by BF1395United States


Diplomatic and Political Support:

Flag of the United NationsUnited Nations

Flag of QuebecRepublic Of Quebec

Republican Alliance:

Flag of CascadiaRepublic Of Cascadia

Flag of the Iroquois ConfederacyAboriginal Confederacy

Logistical Support:

Flag of Russia (1991-1993)Russia

Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaChina

Flag of Iraq (2004-2008)Iraq

Flag of Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia

Diplomatic Support

Flag of France (Myomi Republic)France

Flag of MexicoMexico


Flag of Canada (Pantone)Jean Charest

Flag of the USA with 67 stars by BF1395Bill Clinton

Flag of the USA with 67 stars by BF1395Al Gore

Flag of the USA with 67 stars by BF1395John Shalikashvili

Flag of the USA with 67 stars by BF1395Tommy Franks

Flag of the USA with 67 stars by BF1395Michael Ryan

Flag of QuebecLucien Bouchard

Republican Alliance:

Flag of CascadiaPreston Manning

Flag of the Iroquois ConfederacyWalking Eagle


Flag of Canada (Pantone) 250,000

Flag of the USA with 67 stars by BF1395 125,000

Flag of Quebec 100,000

Republican Alliance:

Flag of Cascadia 130,000

Flag of the Iroquois Confederacy 89,000

Casualties and Losses



The Canadian Civil War was a major armed conflict in North America during the latter half of the 1990's.  It was the result of the 1995-1996 Canadian Constitutional Crisis brought on by the disputed results of the 1995 Independence Referendum.  The Canadian Government faced a major insurgency by the Republic Of Quebec and the "Republican Alliance" consisting of the Republic Of Cascadia and the Aboriginal Confederacy.

After the victory of the "Yes" side in the 1995 Independence Referendum, Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard demanded independence from the government in Ottawa. Then Prime Minister Jean Chrétien however refused to allow Quebec to secede, declaring it unconstitutional. This resulted in the Bloc Québécois pulling its support from Chrétien's governing Liberal party and causing the Government to fall.

The highly controversial winter election campaign of 1996 resulted in the 1995-1996 constitutional crisis. The election and the constitutional negotiations afterwards were marred by violent protests and political instability. The government's excessive pandering to Quebec during this time led to increased intolerance in many of the Western provinces towards Ottawa.

Preston Manning, leader of the western-based Reform party, gained the alliance of the Premiers of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, should they need to secede also.

On June 30th, 1996, PM Jean Charest broke off negotiations with Bouchard's government and declared a state of martial law in the province of Quebec. Many in the army disputed this order and mutinied. The pro-Quebec military forces attempted a coup d'état against Charest's government on July 1st

The failed July Coup caused Quebec to immediately secede, and the western provinces, dubbed "Cascadia", to secede the following day. In addition, the Indian First Nations of Canada formed a coalition, the "Aboriginal Confederacy", in the event the government cracked down on theme also.

PM Jean Charest decided to use military force to crush the uprising by theses three factions, sparking the 3 year Canadian Civil War. He also invoked Article 5 of the North Atlantic Charter, prompting a United States intervention in the growing civil war.

Cascadia and the Aboriginal Confederacy formed the "Republican Alliance" to oppose the government. Quebec, while not part of this alliance, was informally allied to them during the course of this conflict.

The Civil War saw the end of Canadian Confederation, with only a small de facto Canadian rump state remaining in the former areas on Ontario, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories.


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