Republik Canada
Lýðveldið Kanada
Tasavallan Kanadan

Republic of Canada
Timeline: World of the Rising Sun
Flag of Canada, 1920-1934 (No Napoleon)
Flag of Canada
Capital Saskatoon
Largest city Nye København (formerly New York City)
Language Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic
Religion Norse Paganism, Taoism
Government Parliamentary Republic
Prime Minister
Currency Canadian Krone

Canada is a nation in Vinland.


The first Norse colonisation of Vinland begun around ~1000 with the L'Anse aux Meadows developing into a major colony. From there, the Norse begun to fight against the natives in a few wars, which mostly ended in stalemate. By 1300 however, the Norse struck back with better equipment and weaponry, and were able to defeat the native tribes with ease. The Norse colony managed to expand quite fast, and around 1400 most of Western Canada was colonised by the Norse. By the time during the British arrival in the late 1500s, all of Canada was under Norse/Scandinavian rule. The British later then colonised what would soon be known as the United States. Canada would remain a part of Scandinavia until granted independence in 1917. Canada then joined in on the Great Global War on the Allied side. After the war had ended in 1953, Canada annexed parts of the former United States.

Today Canada is one of the major powers in Vinland, alongside with Mexico.

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