Canada Union
Union du Canada
— American Province of Kingdom and Papacy of Italy
Timeline: Venice-Italian Supremacy

OTL equivalent: Canada, Greenland and Alaska
CanadaFlag Coat of arms of Québec
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Canada Union

I remember (French)
("Je me Souviens")

Capital Quebec
Largest city Montreal
  others Italian, English
Roman Catholic
  others Anglicanism, Protestantism
Government Unicameral Colony
  legislature Quebecois Senate
General-Governor Pierre di Francia
Senate President Jean do Quebec
Established 1608
Admission 1920
Currency American Lire
Abbreviations Canada
Canada is a province of the American colonies of the Italian state, it was earlier a British and French colony.

French Colonization

After the Italian and Spanish expansion in the Americas, the French also settled a colony, creating first the city of Quebec. Right after that several fleets were arriving, with poor nobles or rich burghers that wanted political control. The cities grew almost three districts for day. The Quebec port became the third bigger port in the Americas, after the New Venice (New York) port and the Rio de Janeiro port.

French-British War

The British and the French started an war for the Canadian control, since the British also wanted an colony. Great part of the British army and navy headed to Canada, were they easily controlled Quebec and Montreal, the major cities. The continental French realized it and soon prepared an invasion to England. The King, early on the invasion day, was heading to Canada, to see how his colony. When he reached Canada, he soon saw a French Messenger Ship delivering a letter to the British. Great Britain was conquered!


The British King and Queen clothes, while resting in Canada

The British received an offer of Homeland recovery and peace, by giving back Canada, but they refused it. Now they need a plan to counterattack the French forces in England.

The plan was sending some troops to secure England and then when the parliament is once again elected, try to make peace with France, but with Canada under our domains.

The Negotiations

The British troops fought hard for England and at the end, they managed to hold the British Islands once again. The French were angry but the Austrian forces helped the British to force the French to accept the British domain over Canada.

The Great World War

Canada still was an British colony, but their participation was almost none. Canada sent some men to protect London in the time during the war, but with that exception, Canada didn't enter the war.

The Italians Assumed

The British were punished by losing Canada and India, giving Canada to Italy, and India to France. In England happened several protests, but in Canada it was a great deal: They would receive the status of the powerful nation of the world and besides the migrations from Canada to the North American Union would stop quickly or would be legal. The Canadian governor would be elected by then, but any disorder and a governor chosen by Italy should restore the order by force.

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