Communist Canadian Flag

The Canadian Flag, adopted on February 15, 1965.

Anthem Hymn of the Soviet Union
Population 96,000,000 (2012 census)
Currency Canadian Ruble (CAR)



Numerous regional languages

Leader Premier of the Socialist State of Canada
Capitol Saint Petersburg, Columbia
Government type Federal Single-Party Presidential Republic


The Canadian Forces were among the most powerful in the world, most notably, its Air Corps.


Russian Colonization

In 1732, the Russian Empire expanded it's territory, and colonized Alaska. They decided to explore further
V259 20080019 flag PF1963

The first ever flag established in 1739 by the Russian Empire.

eastward, thus, establishing the first Russian colony on Canada. Anna Loannovna decided a new flag were fit for the new world. General Tsarneviek decided on featuring a beaver, since the beaver is one of the most common creatures found in Canada, and to them, it was exotic, since the Eurasian beaver was hunted to near extinction. The flag was finished in 1739, and it flew over the colonies of the land. In 1762, a new problem arose. The British Empire sought colonization of the new land as well
Kingdom of Canada - flag by Neethis

The Canadian Flag that flew over British colonies in 1812

. Over the next 10 years, Britain would colonize the eastern parts of Canada, claiming the provinces of Newfoundland, Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and Saint Peter's Isle (Nova Scotia). Meanwhile, the Russian Empire had almost engulfed the West. Russia would never know of British personnel in the area until 1789.

American Revolution

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