Dominion of Canada
Dominion du Canada Dominion Kanady
Timeline: Revolution!

OTL equivalent: Canada, portions of Washington State and other Great Plains/Pacific NW States minus Southern Quebec, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and portions of British Columbia.
CanadaflagRev Coat of arms of Canada
Flag Coat of Arms
North AmericaRev!Map
Location of Canada (Light Brown)

A Mari Usque Ad Mare (Latin)

Anthem "The Maple Leaf Forever"
Capital Calgary
Largest city Vancouver
Other cities Seattle, Victoria, Olympia, Boise, Edmonton, Churchill, Thompson, Saskatoon, Regina and Winnipeg
English and French
  others Ukrainian, and Native American Languages
Religion Anglicanism, Roman Catholiscism Judaism, and Other
Demonym Canadian, Canuck
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Monarch Elizabeth II
  Royal house: Windsdor
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Population 42 million 
Established 1864
Currency Canadian Pound
Internet TLD .ca
Organizations Atlantic Treaty Organization, Union of Nations


In 1864 we declared our independence from England. During the Red Rebellion in the 1870s, Quebec, Canada, and the US Forces aided in defeating various Communist insurrections and aided the Romanovs in taking power in Alyeska.


Foreign Relations

We are in good relations with France, New Friesland, Spain, the USA, and Japan.


The Queen is more of a figurehead and does not have much power in government. The Prime Minister in the most powerful person in the nation. He has a group of advisers that help him run the nation together.


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