Canadian Federation
Fédération Canadienne
Timeline: Mondo de Scopatore
Flag of Canada (Mondo de Scopatore) Emblem of Canada (Mondo de Scopatore)
Flag Seal
Canada (orthographic projection)
Location of the Canadian Federation

Je me souviens (English and French)
("I remember")

Anthem "O Canada"
(and largest city)
Official Languages English and French
Demonym Canadian
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional republic
President Stephen Harper
Chairman Justin Trudeau
First Secretary Thomas Mulcair
Area 9,984,670 km²
Population 62,312,591 
Currency Canadian dollar
Calling Code +1
Internet TLD .ca


Canada, officially the Canadian Federation, and formerly the Republic of Canada, is a country in North America. At 9.98 sq km in total, Canada is the largest country in North America.

Canada has been one of the world's breadbaskets, being the largest grain exporter in the world ahead of the United States and Russia.



Most of Canada's military was inherited from the Union's Armed Forces' Canada Military District. These units became the core of Canada's new military which acquired all the units of the 37th, 40th and 46th Armies and part of the 17th Army Corps. The largest expansion of the Canadian military has been focused on its naval fleet in recent years. Since 1990, the fleet has expanded from 212 ships to 288 in 2010.

The Canadian air force is consists mainly of Union-era type aircraft, mostly AAC-105 Avro Arrows, but other fighters include AAC-10 Thunderbolt IIs, F-15 Eagels, and F-16 Falcons.

The Canadian Navy is the largest in the world.

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