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Dominion of Canada
Timeline: French Trafalgar, British Waterloo
Preceded by 1864-1946 Succeeded by
Flag of the United Kingdom British North America AssiniboiaFlag of Assiniboia
QuebecFlag of Quebec (FTBW)
Canadian Red Ensign 1921-1957 Coat of arms of Canada
Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: "The Maple Leaf Forever"
Capital: Ottawa
Largest city: Toronto
Other cities: Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax
Language: English, French
Protestantism, Roman Catholicism
  other religions: Judaism
Type of government: Constitutional Monarchy
  government: Parliament of Canada
Currency: Canadian Pound

The Dominion of Canada or Canada was a country in North America that was part of the British Empire as a self governing Dominion founded on July 1, 1864. Canada was effectively ended in 1937 with the start of the Canadian Civil War between French-Canadians (the Quebecois) and the English-Canadians (the Nationalists), although it was officially dismantled in 1946 with Assiniboia laying claim to a large part of Ontario, Quebec being formed from the previous Province of Quebec with New Brusnwick and a part of Ontario including Toronto, and Newfoundland being created from the Island of the same name with Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

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