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Timeline: Down a Different Path

OTL equivalent: Canada (minus Nova Scotia and portions of Quebec and New Brunswick) and Greenland
Flag of Canada Coat of arms of Canada
Canada Orthographic DownDifPath
Location of Canada

A Mari Usque Ad Mare (English)
("From Sea to Sea")

Anthem "O Canada"
Capital Ottawa
Largest city Toronto
Other cities Vancouver, Nuuk, Saskatoon, London
  others French
Ethnic Groups
White (non-Hispanic)
  others Hispanic, Black, Asian, Native American
Demonym Canadian
Government Constitutional monarchy
Prime minister Stephen Harper
Area 4,669,955 square mi
Population 35,099,308 
Established 1610
Independence from Great Britain
  declared July 1, 1867
  recognized July 1, 1867
Currency Canadian dollar
Time Zone (UTC−4 to −12, +10, +11)
Internet TLD .ca
Organizations United Nations, NATO
Canada is a constitutional monarchy in North America, composed of 12 provinces. Its only land border is with the United States.





Main article: List of Canadian Provinces

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