Dominion of Canada
Timeline: [[1]]

OTL equivalent: Canada
Flag of Canada for DD
Flag of Dominion of Canada

"A Mari Usque Ad Mare" (English, French)

Anthem "O Canada"
Capital Ottawa
Largest city Toronto
Language English, French
Religion Christianity
Ethnic Group 76.7% White

14.2% Asian 4.3% Aboriginal 2.9% Black 1.2% Latin America 0.5% Multiracial 0.3% Other

Demonym Canadian
Legislature Constitutional Monarchy
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Area 9,984,670 km2 km²
Population 35 million (2011 census) 
Currency Canadian Dollar (CAN)


After the coup of 1905 Canada asserted itself as an independant nation. With a provisional government in place until the national elections.With WIlfrid Laurier sworn in as Prime Minister.  


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