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OTL equivalent: Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, northern British Columbia, and the western half of Ontario
1946 Canadian flag proposal
Flag of Canada
Capital Regina
Largest city Dawson's Landing
Other cities Edmonton, Thunder Bay
  others Japanese, in the far southwest
Monarch Elizabeth II
Prime Minister Gregor Robertson
Area 3443613 km²
Population 14580075 
Currency Canadian Dollar

Occupied by a vast number of native groups for thousands of years, English settlers didn't start arriving in the area now known as Canada until the later 1600s, when they migrated northward from the territory that would later become the United States of America. Despite some conflicts with the natives, and with the Icelandic colony of Markland to the east, the area now is peaceful and prosperous. The west-coast port of Dawson's Landing, in British Columbia, is one of the busiest ports in the entire west of North America, while Thunder Bay, on Lake Superior, connects Canada to the Atlantic markets via the Great Lakes and the Kanawakie River (OTL St. Lawrence River).

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